Hybrid Wired / Wireless internet connection set up

By georgie_bouy ·
We have a running infrastructure providing wired and wireless internet access to all our users using a dedicated leased line. Now comes this the issue, This set up was done by a company using their gateway with the APs on different VLAN than the wired connections. For legal / technical reason, the company will cease providing its services and we are left to figure out a quick and simple way to provide internet to all users using the existing equipment. We will have to look at another company to provide a stable solution for the same but until then have to ensure services go uninterrupted.

Now for the question - What would be the easiest way to provide internet using what we have and possibly investing in some additional hardware (if we have to). We do not need any sort of authentication and internet access is to be provided free of cost. Our team has a week to come up with a solution before the company pulls the plug. I'll be happy to provide any information regarding the existing hardware line speed, Please help!

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missing something

by JPElectron In reply to Hybrid Wired / Wireless i ...

I'm not understanding what about the network will cease working when the other company will "cease providing its services" - what services?

If you own the hardware, and the Internet connection (meaning your paying the ISP)

Then it should just keep working as a normal LAN with wireless APs.

Your going to have to post some more info.

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by georgie_bouy In reply to Hybrid Wired / Wireless i ...

You are right about the hardware. We own the hardware. The however maintain and control the gateway and firewall and we do not have the passwords. Right now there is an authentication for anyone who access internet and a billing system in place. When I meant by stopping services, it is some dispute that is going on and they have informed us that services will no longer be available.

We however found a company who was agreed to help us and said it can be down by bypassing their system and yet use the existing APs and switches. Testing will happen on the 7th and we're hoping it will go well without and surprises or glitches.

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Reponse To Answer

by JPElectron In reply to http://www.techrepublic.c ...

At a minimum you would need to reset the firewall so you can gain access, or just buy and install your own firewall - If the subnet is not changing, then all the access points will likely work as-is, or you may have to factory default to reset them and reprogram. Then, throw your own server in there to run a captive portal - I'd use DNS Redirector for that part.

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