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    Hyena 5.7 not administering.


    by rgagg ·

    Hyena 5.7 full unlimited enterprise.

    Have setup a windows 2000/2003 domain and configured the ADSI path with LDAP://ldap.path
    and the ADSI server with the IP address of the first domain controller in the AD, the operations master server.

    When administering various objects in hyena for an AD domain, i get an error. One is “error setting password for USER on LDAP://full ldap path. The network path was not found.”
    The error “The network path was not found.” is an error message i get trying to administer many objects in the domain.
    When trying to open the domain controllers object i get the error msg “Error findin domain controller for domain FQDN, but if i open the domain controller under,
    domain//containers/ou’s//domain controllers. i can open the domain controllers properties. under this i still get errors, cannot connect to regisrty etc.

    Can any one help?

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      Reply To: Hyena 5.7 not administering.

      by bfilmfan ·

      In reply to Hyena 5.7 not administering.

      You need to upgrade to Hyena 6. That is a known issue.

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      Reply To: Hyena 5.7 not administering.

      by rgagg ·

      In reply to Hyena 5.7 not administering.

      I have upgraded to 6.0 rev D and I am still having the problems.

      Hyena objects are configured as 200/2003 domains.
      ADSI path is the ldap path.
      ADSI server is the ip address of the server.

      Specific problems.
      Cannot change userpassword, either double clicking the user and changing the password or right clicking user object/admin functions/reset password.

      Double click domain controller container (default installed one), and get error “Error finding domain controller for ladap path….”
      Thing is I can goto the containers/OU container and list the domain controllers under there and get full details.

      It looks like Hyena is reading the AD and all details for objects but wont write to it for changing the password. Dont know why. Also cant figure why Hyena cant locate domain controller when browsing. This is more associated with the default containers Hyena installs.

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