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Hyped trends moving in opposite directions

By BdeJong ·
Hello readers,

This thing has had me stumped for quite some time and I cant seem to find anyone elses thoughts about it. I hope to get some informed views on the subject here.

We have 2 trends in IT that get the brunt of the action:

Cloud computing.
ITs one stop answer for the future. Commodity computing here we come!

Mobile devices.
The biggest IT (hardware) BOOM of the decade. Smartphones and tablets are popping up fast enough to make mushrooms jealous.

So why is it that;
On my multicore multi-gigabyte memory machine (that has enough storage for a year of HD movie viewing pleasure) I am advised to not run any applications because the cloud is where all the needed power and capacity is. All software vendors are creating fancy web interfaces and discarding client software.

When over on the other trend we are seeing;
Nifty devices that sport GHz processors and have a Gigabyte of memory (so not that powerful) and for these devices everyone seems to be writing full client software that is installed on and uses resources of said underpowered device. Even worse, we are almost blindly installing every fragment of possibly entertaining software we can get on our spiffy device.

Can someone tell me what I am missing here? Should this not be the other way around?


Barry (a baffled IT manager)

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"... I am advised ..."

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Hyped trends moving in op ...

"I am advised to not run any applications because the cloud is where all the needed power and capacity is."

Who is doing this advising? Ignore this bad advice. The power and capacity of 'the cloud' depends entirely on the reliability of your provider. If uptime is critical, be sure that's in the contract. If connectivity is questionable, consider using the cloud for non-critical apps and storage. If security is an issue, avoid it entirely.

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Thanks for your view

by BdeJong In reply to "... I am advised .. ...

I was approaching this as a Generalization not as a specific solution for our needs. This is what the marketing trends seem to tell me and i noticed a juxtaposition. I have a clear view of where our company is moving to but wanted to see what the community thought and not just the sales rep.

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Ah. Different markets.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Thanks for your view

Those pitching cloud resources are aiming at the corporate or workplace market, for the most part. That's why they have sales reps coming to your door. They're pitching it as a way to reduce your IT overhead.

Those pitching cell phone apps are aiming primarily at consumers. That's why the televised ads show people doing non-business activities like winning bets, downloading movies, and arranging 'spontaneous' (and stupid) dance routines in public places.

Note that the two trends are not incompatible. There are business apps for smart phones that let you use your cloud-stored data. However, they don't have enough appeal to drive consumers sales; who wants to spend their own money on a workplace tool?

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