Hyper-V Guest OS With No Connectivity

By cbader ·
I have a 2003 machine running on Hyper-V that has our monitoring software installed. The server had a bit of a freak out last week because the database filled up the C drive and it ran out of space. Got that issue resolved, but once the server came back up I had lost all network connectivity. Ive tried using static and DHCP addressing (gets an APIPA address), reinstalled the integration tools, even deleted the machine and recreated it using the existing VHD file, nothing has worked.

I also have two 2008 guest machines that have weird issues. If I set them with a static address they can only ping inside of their own subnet, if I set them to get an address via DHCP they can ping any host on the network regardless of what subnet they are on.

Any ideas?

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Virtual Network setup

by scott_heath In reply to Hyper-V Guest OS With No ...

Are the NICs set for NAT or Bridged? You should be able to check in eahc VMs properties.


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Re: Virtual Network Setup

by cbader In reply to Virtual Network setup

There is no setting for NAT or Bridged. In the Virtual Network Settings for the host system the NIC is configured as part of the public network, all VM's are configured to point to that public network.

I have 6 other 2003 guests that are configured the same way and are running with no issues. Also, this server was running for almost a year with no issue until it suddenly stopped working.

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Same Issue

by mjbliss In reply to Re: Virtual Network Setup

I have the same issue, 2 v servers both bound to their own NICs, the one is runnig 2003 R2 SP2, the other is a 2003 SP1 VM, both do the exact same thing you mentioned in your first post... hope someone can help.

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