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Hyper-V Virtual Machines and Our Website

By jordan ·
I have been asked to investigate the possible advantages to creating virtual machines with Hyper-v on our new server. The idea here would be to create 3 or 4 virtual machines with the components of the site so that when the site outgrows this server it would be a little more simple to just migrate one of the VMs to a new more capable machine and offload some of the strain from the current server. We have the site itself. Which has a database and uses PHP and SQL. Additionally we have another backed tool used for the employees to manage some of the users on the site. This tool utilizes mysql and hooks into the main database on the site.

I am using Windows Server 2008 Standard with Hyper-V. The server has 6GB of ram and 1 4 core 2.4 GHZ Zeon. The virtual machines are all Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition. I am looking for a little information on how the multiple machines could be setup to achieve this sort of configuration. I understand some sort of virtual network would need to be created but I am completely lost on how they would communicate with each other and how replication of the data would work. I am a systems admin not a database expert but I need to come to this solution without the help of the other employees. Ideally we would like to run the site itself off one machine. The back end tool off another, the database off a third VM, and finally the file system in a fourth VM.

Additionally offloading the virtual SMTP server to our old server to alleviate the strain of sending out notifications and our monthly newsletter, This would also need to be somehow connected to the new server as notifications are created on the site and then need to be sent out via the SMTP server. I basically consider this a cluster that together composes the complete functioning website. This old server is a capable machine but is limited to server 2003 as we do not have multiple licenses for 2008 though if required that could be an option, keep in mind this older server does not support x64 though the new server runs an X64 version of 2008 standard, so if that is an issue it would be best to know ahead of time.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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