HyperFile 4900 Port Problem

By hitech83 ·
can eny one pls help me solve this problem!!

i'm managing a software in a computers network.

we have a software installed in the server (hyper file centre control) conected with 8 other client computres.

in the client computers we installed a sopftware(acofile) wich comunicate with the server.

whene the system(xp sp2) is just few days installed,than evry things are okay(the software send the data to the server).

but after while(a month after installing xp)the software in some client computers can not comunicate with the server.whene i ping the server,it does work,only the software can not comunicate with the server.

ps: the software in computres client comunicate with the server via PORT 4900.

so i think that this port 4900 is closed and thats why it can't comunicate with the server,because after i re-install the system it doese work again.

can this port 4900 be colsed or a virus atack it?? if yes,is there any solution to re-open this Port,to let this two software comunicate without evry time re-installing XP??

thx Radouan

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A server with SP2, I would not connect this to the Internet..

by cmatthews In reply to HyperFile 4900 Port Probl ...

Try scanning port 4900 from another PC with this:

If you have to re-install XP, set Windows update to download only - updates (maybe SP3) may be causing your software to have problems.

Check with the vendor Acofile or browse the support forum (if they have one).

I think I saw your post at:

Redondo I would also say, it looks like your vendor needs to give you support.

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