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    hyperlinks in ms office xp in network


    by kiripolsky.d ·

    well i created a hyperlink in file A to another file B, which is stored in network. this works pretty fine. when i save file A into the network disk on file server, hyperlink stop works.
    the hyperlink path is changed from
    \\bva-file1\fotky\2008 rafty\IMG_1183.JPG
    ../fotky/2008 rafty/IMG_1183.JPG

    can you help please?


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      by kiripolsky.d ·

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      Try this…

      by Anonymous ·

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      To work around this problem, use either of the following methods.

      Note Before you use either of the following methods, always save your document, workbook, or presentation to the shared folder before you create hyperlinks to other files in that folder. This creates the necessary base reference for the creation of relative hyperlinks.
      1) : Manually Set the File Location
      When you create the hyperlink, do not type the path, instead use the Link to File dialog box to create the hyperlink:
      1. On the Insert menu, click Hyperlink.
      2. In the Link to box, click Existing File or Web Page.
      3. Click Browse for File.
      4. Type the path to the network share, and then press ENTER to list the contents of that share.
      5. Click the file you want to hyperlink to.
      6. Click OK, and then click OK.

      Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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      Edit the hyperlink

      by thumbsup2 ·

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      If you will notice, the link changed from pointing to a network share and path to pointing to a location on itself (the server) and the relationship may not be the same.

      When you move file A to a different location, you’ll need to go edit the file in it’s new location to change the hyperlink to point to the location of the JPG in relation to where file A is now being stored.

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