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Hyperlinks in Shared Excel Workbooks/Spreadsheets

By wattsnew ·
I was told that you cannot insert or create a hyperlink in an Excel file that you have saved as a shared workbook. Is this true? And does anyone out there know of an alternate way of inserting the hyperlink?

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by DugaDugDug In reply to Hyperlinks in Shared Exce ...

Not sure of alternatives but what you can do to insert hyperlinks is to remove the sharing, insert the hyperlink you want and then reshare the workbook.

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How to Insert a Hyperlink In a Shared Workbook

by psycho.chic In reply to Workaround

While I REALLY don't understand why this feature is disabled... there is a way around it without unsharing the workbook:

In the Formula Bar for the cell you want the link in, use the following formula:

=HYPERLINK("url_goes_here", "cell_content_here")

Just put in the URL for the link in the first spot and the words you want to appear in the cell in the second and it's done. Even in a shared workbook.

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It works!!

by wattsnew In reply to How to Insert a Hyperlink ...

Psycho.chic, thanks for the tip. It works!!

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by zaferus In reply to How to Insert a Hyperlink ...

Thanks for the tip - I was going crazy trying to get this to work!!!

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by jrenton In reply to How to Insert a Hyperlink ...

This replacement code works great in a shared workbook. Thanks...

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by vasudeva.sarma In reply to How to Insert a Hyperlink ...

Thanks again --- Good one

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by bdaragon In reply to Hyperlinks in Shared Exce ...

Excellent, I was playing around with few different options for some time already, this really helped, Thanks.

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pdf hyperlink dont open

by mrsalaa In reply to Hyperlinks in Shared Exce ...

I'm acing serious issue inPdf hyperlinks.
when i try to hyperlink a gpeg file or an e mail adress or mp3 to a working doc (word or exce) they perfectly work. but whn i try to hyperlink a pdf they never open and the excel and word program give me error message says : some files can contain virusus or otherwise harmful be harmful to your computer. it is importnat to be certin that this file is from trustworthy source, would you like to open this file?.
and when i click yes, becuase the sources is gives me another error message says: no program is registered to open this file...

please help me i tried many things, but non work

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Here's a simple work around

by brett_phipps In reply to Hyperlinks in Shared Exce ...

This isn't true. You can create hyperlinks in shared documents. Just open a new spreadsheet that isn't shared. Insert the hyperlink that you want there. Copy that cell and paste it into your shared document and voila you've inserted the hyperlink.

I have no idea why it's disabled when you share them, but this is an easy work around.

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