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Hyperterminal connection settings

By gbusekr ·
I have a user who is on Windows XP using Hperterminal. She changes the connetion settings from 8 data bits and parity none to 7 data bits and parity even. Clicks OK then dials. Immediatly the settings are back to 8 and none. I can;'t find any patch or fix. Anyone experienced this?

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Hyperterminal connection settings

by TG2 In reply to Hyperterminal connection ...

8-N-1 is *the* standard for all modern serial devices.

the only time you'd change it is if your device is set differently with dip switches, or by definition uses a different set of settings...
ie. old serial printers usually were not 8-N-1

so the question would be... if she's using a standard modem is it correctly set for 7-E-1? Or was it that *someone* said it was supposed to be different and accidentally misled the user?

As for Windows.. if it knows the serial port is supposed tooperate 8-N-1 it may be defaulting back... or perhaps try setting the serial port to 7-E-1 in the ports icon of Control Panel.


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Hyperterminal connection settings

by gbusekr In reply to Hyperterminal connection ...

The setting IS supposed to be 7-E-1. The user is amoung many state wide, that I provide tech support for, currently communicating with our mainframe via a protocol converter using the same settings in hyperterminal (on other than Windows XP). I need to find out why hyperterminal on Windows XP is changing it to 8-N-1.

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