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    Hypervisor running Win10 VM’s with User Account creation via Phone app


    by sp3c7rum ·


    I want to build a setup similar to the one shown on LTT 7 Gamers, 1 CPU however, I want to automate the user account creation side of things. Well eventually create an android/ios app that would take all necessary information and use that to create the Windows 10 VM user account, Ideally each running instance would use the same VM image loaded with the personal user data made from the previous step, I would like most things to be persistant as in steam accounts so that when people log back in to the VM their settings are kept, I briefly read something about VDI but wanted to reach out to someone more skilled that has any know how on how I would implement something like this, my end goal is to deploy remote managed automated gaming containers that people can access in their community, The end user would download an app to their phone which would then take care of secure access to the container and user info creation/maintenance. I realise the phone app side of things is an entirely different animal but wanted to get peoples input and make sure this would be a viable option before moving forward with the app side of things, any constructive info would help. Thanks in advance

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