I accidentally delete about 5 registry and now became....

By xzxvinniexzx ·
First, i go registry editor [while the other laptop, i saw some registry editor tuts at youtube] and then i try doing the same video as it. and then i saw...[HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software] inside of the software there are too unknown folders [ like $454FD(ANYHOW TYPED) something like that] so i delete the useless game registrys and any software registrys that i have uninstall.

Second, when i finish of these things. i press start. There too many unknown icons and then i press All Programs, its became more worse...all the icons are became unknown icons too. then i go system restore,it cannot let me open, it say window cannot open this file.

Third, I go reboot. In the desktop, there nothing there and my explorer.exe is i go new tasks[from task manager] and then i type explorer.exe, it's still say the window cannot open this file.

Fourth, My brother help me put the CD inside the computer, Turn off and on again [In my desktop, it's cannot load the CD, when i go to the ''My Computer'', all my drives are gone(but still can type C at the search box), then he go to BIOS setup by pressing F2 and then the DELL logo startup came out first when he on the computer. Then later on, he say it's came out the Blue Screen Of Death when the CD setup is up. how to fix this?

I STILL have the hope to fix my computer and trying to upgrade the RAM so that i can play more better and i also....i call my computer ''Gaming Computer'' now...

[some of the requirement are hard to type or find...]
My Requirements,
MS Window Xp Home Edition SP2
256MB of RAM
CD Drive X8
74.44 GB of hard disk space
Intel Pentium 4 Processor 3.000GHz
Intel Express chipset Family(hard to find the name)
Sound Card(the name i cannot find) 128mb

there is a hope for me to fix it right... anyone?

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You will need to increase your memory

by Jacky Howe In reply to I accidentally delete abo ...

from 256MB if you plan on playing games. Your CD optical drive has been around since Noah was a young man. That may be part of your problem can you replace it with something a bit newer.

Turn on your System and press the eject button on your CD/DVD optical drive. Insert your XP CD and close the drawer.

If you were quick enough you should get a <u>prompt</u> to press a Key to boot from CD/DVD. Press a Key like the Spacebar or the Enter Key.

If you miss the <u>prompt</u> restart the System by pressing the Reset button. Do not remove the CD as this is what you want to boot from.

Boot the system using the Windows XP CD-ROM. In the first screen when the Setup begins, read the instructions press "R" (in the first screen) enter the Recovery Console.


Which Windows Installation would you like to log on to (To cancel, press ENTER)?

After you enter the number for the appropriate Windows installation, Windows will then prompt you to enter the Administrator account password.

Note If you use an incorrect password three times, the Windows Recovery Console closes. Also, if the Security Accounts Manager (SAM) database is missing or damaged, you cannot use the Windows Recovery Console because you cannot have correct authentication. After you enter your password and the Windows Recovery Console starts, type exit to restart the computer.

Type the following command and press Enter.

Type CD\ then Enter

Then type cd system~1\_resto~1 then Enter

Type dir then Enter

When you hit enter it will list all the restore points folders like rp1, rp2 ??.. If the restore points have more than one page then you will have to keep on hitting the <Enter> key to view the last restore point folder. You will have to choose the second to last option folder

Type cd rp {the second to the last restore point no. } (Note: Example: cd rp9, if rp9 is the second to the last restore point where the last restore point no. is 10

Then type cd snapshot

Now the command prompt will look like this c:\system~1\_resto~1\rp9\snapshot

Type: copy _registry_machine_system c:\windows\system32\config\system

Press enter

Then type: copy _registry_machine_software c:\windows\system32\config\software

Then type exit


If you get an access denied error when doing the above, then do the following at the recovery console:

Type CD\ then press Enter

Type cd windows\system32\config then press Enter

Type ren system system.bak then press Enter

Type exit and press Enter

Your PC will reboot, go back into the Recovery Console and then you have access.

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But when the setup is up...

by xzxvinniexzx In reply to You will need to increase ...

When the window xp SP2 home edition setup is up...the blue screen of death came out and i need to reboot the computer again...

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What's the error message

by Jacky Howe In reply to But when the setup is up. ...

that is displayed. It will say Stop: 0x00000000

Similar to the above 0x00000000

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by xzxvinniexzx In reply to What's the error message

i mean...before the setup come, the blue screen of death is out...I can't see any words on the screen it just came out of that...

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If it is the BSOD, it has words on it

by seanferd In reply to nope...

If you see no words, numbers, etc., it is not the BSOD.

My guess? Windows is just preparing setup. I've seen plenty of blank blue screens while setup is working, before any other progress is displayed.

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by xzxvinniexzx In reply to If it is the BSOD, it has ...

i need to ask my brother first...
he say is really a BSOD, it says the memory dump...numbers, words and a blue screen then my brother just press the button to turn off the computer...

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Well, then there *are* words on it, right?

by seanferd In reply to wait...

Repeat the installation procedure to get it to BSOD again, then write down and post the information that Jacky asked for.

Post the Stop error, and any mention of specific files or hardware.

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Try another

by Jacky Howe In reply to I accidentally delete abo ...

Optical Drive. It doesn't look like it is reading the CD. Are you getting the prompt to boot to CD.

Press F2 and enter the BIOS to make sure that the first Boot device is set to CD. Save the settings when you exit the BIOS.

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by xzxvinniexzx In reply to Try another

my system info is Dell System DV051.
The BIOS version is A03 (10/08/05)

my brother say there no hopes....

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Entering System Setup

by Jacky Howe In reply to erm...

Turn on (or restart) your computer.

When the blue DELL? logo is displayed, you must watch for the F2 prompt to appear.

Once this F2 prompt appears, press < F2 > immediately.

NOTE: The F2 prompt indicates that the keyboard has initialized. This prompt can appear very quickly, so you must watch for it to display, and then press < F2 >. If you press < F2 > before you are prompted, this keystroke will be lost.

If you wait too long and the operating system logo appears, continue to wait until you see the Microsoft? Windows? desktop. Then, shut down your computer and try again.

Boot Sequence

The computer attempts to boot from the sequence of devices specified in this list.

NOTE: If you insert a boot device and restart the computer, this option appears in the system setup menu. To boot from a USB memory device, select the USB device and move it so it becomes the first device in the list.

Are you certain that this System was working properly before you wrecked the registry.

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