I accidentally turned off my on board graphics,

By DianeS62 ·
I have tried everything I know but now my computer will not recognize the reboot disk or a new installation disk. What do I do? I tried removing battery and going to bios to reset but it will not work either. Any ideas?

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Depends what you mean by "turned off" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I accidentally turned off ...

Personally (without knowing what computer you've got) I can't think of an option to 'turn off' a motherboard's on-board graphics.

However, I can imagine a user DELETING the graphics driver from within Control Panel.

Perhaps you could describe what happens when you press the power button? Is there anything on-screen at all?

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turn it back on

by CG IT In reply to I accidentally turned off ...

take the CMOS battery out... will reset the BIOS.

If you don't know the proper procedures, take your computer in to the local Best Buy, have them fix your problem.

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