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    I agree with heymrcarter14–Android’s problems are Google’s problems


    by jjfitz ·

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      You make some valid points

      by jjfitz ·

      In reply to I agree with heymrcarter14–Android’s problems are Google’s problems

      as you often do.
      As you know, the iPhone has been in use for four years and was preceeded by the iPod, Nano and iTouch. Although they were not the first MP3 players, they were the most heavily marketed ones. Frankly, you can’t ride on public transportation in Boston without seeing at least a dozen iPhone advertisements. You certainly can’t turn on the TV without seeing some Apple product in a commercial.
      Of course if their design sucked, all the marketing in the world wouldn’t help.
      But what does all of this advertising mean to the consumer? Brand recognition. iPhone has become a household name. The ads say, “All the cool people have iPhones.” Therefore, I must have an iPhone.
      Android phones have been around for less than half the time the iPhone has been. They didn’t have years and years of Android mp3 players preceeding them. They offer so much more flexibility than the iPhone but does the average person know that? Does the average consumer care? Do they understand the term “Apple ecosystem”? Of course not.
      There is an old line in many blues songs, “You can’t miss what you never had.”
      Unless Motorola, Samsung, or HTC blankets the US with advertisements ala Apple, the average consumer will not know what they are missing and Android smartphone sales will continue to lag the iPhone.
      This doesn’t mean that the iPhone is better. It just means that the brand is recognized and the device is good enough.

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