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I am a contractor for a bank

By zlitocook ·
Who will be hired after my contract runs out. My problem is that I have contracted out to a bank. I have no idea how banks work or what needs to be done at what time. I have done every thing needed for my contract but now befor my contract ends they tell me I have to do a close of day. It is closing out three or four systems and making sure they all match. It has me downloading and checking amounts. Then uploading to the FEDS our day and posting the results for the next day! I do not like this and it seems that a person who is a banker or a teller should do this! I have not been told or asked if I would like to do this. I do not know if I am the one who will be asked about any money problem, But I need the job, I can do every thing else and more, I have migrated all to XP with no problems and fixed alot of other problems. Is there any one out there that has this problem or some thing like it?

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Duties as assigned

by JamesRL In reply to I am a contractor for a b ...

No one gets away with a job that has no unpleasant or monotonous tasks.

I would see this as a sign from them, they wouldn't assign you this kind of ongoing task unless they thought you would be around.

If you don't want the job, say so, and they will find someone else. Better now than later.


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I worked for a bank too

by johnsmith In reply to I am a contractor for a b ...

for seven years and this sounds like SOP. I had to do much the same thing at first but I ended up developing a process that did it all for me. I then trained a deposit clerk on how to validate the results and convinced management that it made more sense for this lower-paid but still salaried individual to do it; it was a better use of resources. Plus it placed ownership of the data back where it belonged; in Item Processing.

That started a ball rolling; ended up that IT did no data processing at all. And that's a good thing. We'll post data, transfer data, archive data, etc. but it is not our job to generate or validate data.

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