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I am connected but no internet access??

By yoshi.andersen ·
I have four computers hooked up to a comcast broadband connection. One day all four computers stopped accessing the internet. Ive gone through and done many things to correct this but with no resolution. Noe, all four computers keep comming up that I am connected but when I go into explorer it times out. I brought in a fith computer to see if it was the internet(comcast) its self but in seconds from connecting it to the network, boom... it worked with no flaws. Has anyone had this experiance? Really need help asap! Thanks guys!!

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Try removing power

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I am connected but no int ...

From your HUB for about 20 seconds and see if that cures the problem. Hubs quite often suffer from Power Spikes that stop them working and scramble their internal circuits a simple Power Off & On Cycle quite often cures this problem till the next Power Spike at least.


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done that

by yoshi.andersen In reply to Try removing power

did that already and it didnt work. Like I said before, it works if I connect any other computer to the internet just the 4 that were no longer do. Ive taken those 4 computers to another home that has DSL and they connect just fine. So Im stumped!!

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OK with the computers that are not working

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to done that

Remove all but 1 computer from the Internet Connection and run the Network Setup Wizard and tell this computer that it connects through a Residential Gateway or Other computer to the Internet. If you want to enable File & Printer sharing and make sure that you keep the same Workgroup Name. Then when this process is finished make a Floppy to use with the other computers.

As I'm supposing that you are using a 4 socket Ethernet Modem/Router here I'm assuming that every computer is connected directly to the Modem/Router and that you need to set up each one individually without the others being connected to the Modem/Router. If that's not the case please let me know how you have the LAN Configured.

Then remove the computer that you have setup after checking that it actually has an Internet Connection and do the same thing with the other computers but only connect 1 at a time and you can either use the Floppy that you have made or the Network Setup Wizard on each computer. Remember to make sure that the File & Printer sharing is enabled if you require this option and that every computer is on the same Workgroup. Again when this is finished make sure that you can connect this computer to the Internet and then disconnect it and proceed to the next one and repeat the process till you have finished all 4 and have then working.

After that has happened you can connect all 4 computers back to the Modem/Router and they should be working if that is how the system is configured.


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Re:I am connected but no internet access??

by shakti.rai In reply to I am connected but no int ...

Hey Yoshi!
No one can solve this issue on net without visiting to your place. But few people can give you some suggestions regarding this problem.
I am doing nothing different.
Check these things:
1)open you internet explorer ->Tools->Internet Options->Security->and choose default level for all the four zones(Internet, Intranet,trusted sites and Restricted sites).
2)check the IP address and your LAN connectivity (disable and enable your LAN Card);
3)the last way is to reinstall the OS.

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Did you check the router settings?

by mgmalden In reply to I am connected but no int ...

Can you access your router from the working computer? if you can, dial into the router and check the dhcp settings to make sure the lease associated with your mac address is set to not expire under 24hrs. the second option is to clone the mac addresses of the working computer to all the other computers because comcast has been known to block connections via mac address. Sounds to me like a blocking issue.

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