I am considering "BTGuard" as a Bit Torrent anonymizer.

By Brad Morton ·
Would really appreciate anyone with advice concerning "BTGuard" and Bit Torrent anonymizer software in general. Does it work, is it worth it, any favorites you may have....ect. Does this program work with "Shareaza"?
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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It will work if the Site is Infected

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I am considering "BTGuard ...

But if the actual Torrent has been infected before turning to whatever it is then when you open that File it will Infect your system.

If you must use this type of software download on a Linux System and extract the File/s where they can not infect the OS. You can use a Live Linux like Knoppix if you do not have a spare computer to load with Linux.

You can get a Live Linux here

There are a lot of different ones listed so you shouldn't have a problem with choice or try a Linux Mag's Cover Disc these generally have a Live Linux on them.


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I rather suspect

by seanferd In reply to It will work if the Site ...

the OP is asking about anonymous file sharing, i.e., no copyright holder can identify the IP address of the P2P user and ask the the ISP for an identity to sue.

To the OP - well, that's what BTGuard claims, yes? You are basically disguising your traffic more than simply using the protocol encryption. You are proxying through their servers. It will work with whatever client BTGuard says it will work with.

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Much Appreciated

by Brad Morton In reply to I rather suspect

Thank you for the time and info...

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You The Man!

by Brad Morton In reply to It will work if the Site ...

As always.........Thank you!

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