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I am drowning in data!!!

By jwolfer ·
Hello everyone!

I am a network/system/whatever administrator for a large architectural firm. We have several departments, but I am basically focused on 2 today.

1. Marketing Department (Lots of 50 MB TIF images, 300 MB Powerpoints, 30 MB Publisher files)

2. CAD Drafters, with lots and lots and lots of DWG's, TIF's, and Construction Photos

We have content pouring in from all over, and the collective IQ of our computer users (when it comes to IT) is about 6.

I am losing the battle of server storage free space. They all say the need access to everything, as they may need to refer do a project that is 7 years old, or need to refer to a picture that is 4 years old. Also, pictures that come in are often 5-6 MB in size, which when put into a 100 slide Powerpoint, blows it up over 300 MB.

I just don't know what to do to fix and later enforce file size limits, folder limits (I know about Win2K3 R2), and how to resize photos prior to uploading them to the server.

I'd love to hear some of your guys' theories or real world experience in controlling this amount of data.


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Codument Management Systems

by BFilmFan In reply to I am drowning in data!!!

I'd advise that you look into document software and an EMC Clarion WORM storage array.

That way they could have access to files and it wouldn't be clogging your file servers.

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How about a hosted repurposing repository

by PowerIT In reply to I am drowning in data!!!

I have been co developing an file/image management system, which deals with most types of files/images and has the capability of repurposing files on downloading and a host of other functionality involving group management/baskets for files/emailing basket links/bulk importing of data via FTP / etc.

If you are interested contact me and I can set you up with a demo. We currently have customers from all over the World so access won't be a problem.

This is not a sales pitch - you could use anything that does the same thing - its just that I know what I have developed and it works a treat between hundreds of users.

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Disk is cheap

by JamesRL In reply to I am drowning in data!!!

Compared to your time....

Seriously one of the things I would look at for the stuff they don't need everyday is a nearline solution. Online is immediately accessable, nearline is nearly online - it takes a few seconds.

Nearline DVDs have multiple drives(2/4/6 etc) and store up to hundreds of DVDs. A server runs software which makes this appear to the user like another server -there is an index of whats stored on the server. Nearline is appropriate for historical copies - not working copies.

Hope that helps.


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Disk is cheap, but backup can be expensive

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Disk is cheap

You can easily wind up with so much cheap disk space that you can no longer back it up easily. When planning to add more storage space, always include backup solutions.

With raw graphic images and older, unchanging data, it may only be necessary to back them up to optical once or twice a year.

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that was my point

by JamesRL In reply to Disk is cheap, but backup ...

in recommending optical as nearline.

I have had the experience of being in a data centre where someone walks in with 12 year old mag tapes and asks us to restore something. We had to tell him we didn't have the equipment to read it, but we could find someone who could.


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48 TB

by stewarth In reply to I am drowning in data!!!

I would not advise resizing your TIF's or other graphics files. Your users will want to retireve them at their original resolution. You might try a compression scheme but eventually you will need more capacity.

We currently have about 48TB of stored data on line. (Medical files.) We have the capacity to handle about 64TB. When that fills up I will just add more capacity.

EMC make a great product called Centera. (Sold by several vendors including Dell.) Very inexpensive (relatively) WORM compliant spinning disk solution. This is not a RAID but a true data archive. Your data is live and on-line and available with the click of a mouse.

(No I don't work for EMC. But the Centera is a really good product and beats the beejeebers out of MOD and DLT for usability. I like it and would reccomend it to any one needing TB levels of spinning disk storage.)

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