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i am going for a job interview as a help desk tech

By derekslider ·
what are the basic things/questions i should be prepared for?

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How do you tell a stupid user that the power is off in their office

by Slayer_ In reply to i am going for a job inte ...

And that is why they cannot log in to their computer.

But seriously, just be prepared for the regular questions. Whats your goals, etc. A help desk tech needs to know how to make up correct sounding answers on the fly.

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RE: "make up correct sounding answers on the fly" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How do you tell a stupid ...


I'd have thought giving informed advice might have been a bit more productive than just making it up! Sheesh.

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Nah, the "just wing it" method works like a champ

by CG IT In reply to RE: "make up correct soun ...

usually you need to get the person needing help to talk more before you really know what's wrong.

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Few things

by NexS In reply to i am going for a job inte ...

To think about are
* Read the job requirements thouroughly, know what they expect from you should you get the job.
* Know your application letter very well. Backup what you wrote by knowing what you wrote.
* Be prepared for some technical questions AND personal questions. Most employers don't want robots working for them. Personality is a good thing, but keep it professional (Don't quote me on that though! haha)

Good luck!

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