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    I am Hacked, hacking, I got hackers IP


    by beginner9 ·

    Hello Guys

    when I am working on my computer all of a sudden my screen went off. I moved my mouse but still its black. 1 minute Later it asked me for admin password to log back in. found interesting.

    I saw some one connected to my network with IP address and I blocked that IP.

    ping or traceroute to that IP fails.

    I am already having one of the Best Internet Security.

    how to stop this hacker from again gaining access to my computer

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      That would be…

      by cmiller5400 ·

      In reply to I am Hacked, hacking, I got hackers IP

      The address used by auto ip for a network card that can’t find a DHCP server and doesn’t have a IP address defined… It must be on your local network because it can not be routed.

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      look for another answer

      by ic-it ·

      In reply to I am Hacked, hacking, I got hackers IP is a non-routable ip range.

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      APIPA address

      by rwatters ·

      In reply to I am Hacked, hacking, I got hackers IP

      IP address doesn’t do anything for you as that’s an APIPA address. It shouldn’t be coming from across the internet as the APIPA address space is reserved to Microsoft and just used for the APIPA protocol as far as I remember. If you’re getting packets from an APIPA address, that’s going to be a local source on your network. My guess would be that your computer lost network connection, couldn’t contact DHCP, selected an APIPA address for itself and that’s the packets you’re seeing is your own computer while running under an APIPA addresss.

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