i am having checking NVRAM problem on boot.

By thegautamdev ·
I bought new motherboard a year back. From past 2-3 months my system doesnt boot properly. it shows following lines at start

AMIBIOS(C) 2005 American Megatrends, Inc.
2X-945-1512/24/08 10-55-07 Ver 1.1
CPU: Intel (R) Pentium (R) CPU 3.00 GHz
Speed: 3.00 GHz
Press DEL to run Setup
Press F11 for BBS POPUP
Initializing USB Controller.. Done
1016 OK
Auto-Detecting Sec Master.. IDE Hard Disk
Auto-Detecting Sec Slave..ATAPI CDROM
Sec Master: IC35L040AVVN07-0VA20AF1A
Ultra DMA Mode-2, S.M.A.R.T. Capable and status OK
Ultra DMA Mode-2
Auto Detecting USB Mass storage device..
00 USB Mass storage devices found and configured

and the system hangs right there, nothing happens not even keybord responds. i have to switch the system off from main supply then put it on and then sometimes it shows all the above lines but the last lines are......

00 USB Mass storage devices found and configured
checking NVRAM.. 008F

and system hangs.

again switching it on and off several times, it may start once.
please help me out

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Inspect Filter Capacitors

by TheChas In reply to i am having checking NVRA ...

The symptoms sound like many I have seen with failed filter capacitors on the motherboard.

Carefully inspect all of the electrolytic capacitors on the motherboard. (Colored cylinders with silver tops that have a "K" or "X" pattern.) The tops of these parts should all be flat. If any have bulged out on the top or sides, or if there is any sign of liquid at the bottom of the cap, the cap has failed and you need to either have the capacitors replaced or replace the motherboard.

As all motherboards are multi-layer boards, it requires special soldering skills and tools to remove the old parts without damaging the motherboard.


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