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I am having problems upgrading to XP from ME

By howardmoll ·
I currently own a Sony Vaio PCV RX-280DS which comes with ME factory-installed. I have been trying to upgrade to Xp, but to no avail. The problem I am having is this:
I started the setup program and it went through its routine of intalling setup files etc. Then it restarts, and the touble begins. The computer tried to load XP to finish setup, but it wouldn't; I got a stop error instead. I restarted the computer to try to find help with Sony. I restarted again and tried to continue setup, upon which I got a different error: "INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 14. Setup cannot continue."
I have about run out of things to try.

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ME to XP

by Thomastri In reply to I am having problems upgr ...

I have had a problem with XP Usually if you have trouble with an upgrade; try doing a clean install, if you only have an upgrade disk it is designed to detect any instance of windows on hard drive and install. The problem I had was the Bios wasn't compatable I had to replace my PC. This was overdue I was running a intel P3 667MHz processor. I heard a lot of issues with the ME version see if you can get a old win 98 disk and try once more. If you start getting lockups or file corruption errors you might consider a Bios upgrade.

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Right on

by jdclyde In reply to ME to XP

First step is make sure that your system devices will support XP and download all drivers and burn to CD.

Then get ME off the system.

Load Win98.

Look for the BIOS update.

Then do your XP update.

If it still doesn't work look at running a cd drive cleaner disk and make sure your XP disk is good.

If that still doesn't work, post in the Tech Q&A section as this is a problem seeking an answer. The XP boys will come out to help you with this.

Good luck.

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by JG@FJ In reply to I am having problems upgr ...

How old is this Vaio? As others have said wipe ME, upgrade the BIOS and do a clean install.

If you can't get a BIOS upgrade it could be time to get a new machine.

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Check your RAM also

by PowerMan In reply to

I had the experience when switching to XP my PC used to have more and more system failures. I thought that reinstalling the operating system would fix this. But then I wasn?t able to install Win XP. It went neatly through the whole system of the installing process but then suddenly failed. Any new trial delivered a warning that file xy is missing or corrupt.

I?ve learned from the internet that sometimes this warning appears when system ram is damaged even if the bios test doesn?t reveal anything.

Since I had two banks of RAM installed, I took alternatively one of the banks out and tried to continue with the istallation of XP.

Luckily it worked with the first trial. When I inserted the damaged RAM the System stuck on the same error report as above.

Now I bought some new RAM and the system works smooth as before.

Before buying a new system just check this out.

Best wishes


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Almost impossible...

by Data Ninja In reply to I am having problems upgr ...

Microsoft has stated that upgrading from ME to XP is not supported, period. But then there have been users that have figured ways around this, and there have been some mention of it in the MS Knowledge base.

Your best bet is to save/copy all of your data files, OE files, etc. to a temp directory and wipe out the ME OS and put Win98 on and install XP - OR - burn your data off to CD and do a full install of XP then copy your files back.

If it's an upgrade version there is a little trick that has been used. The short form is: put your hard drive on another system that has XP (after you backup your data files), delete the partition and re-create it as an NTFS partition, then put a "win98" directory on it with a copy of the win98 system files to "fool" the upgrade disk, but tell it to install to a different directory, ie, "windows"! There has been a mix of success/failures related to this method, so good luck...

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DMI & Peripheral ID Descriptions

by acecc In reply to I am having problems upgr ...

I choose to upgrade by booting from the CD. The installer with prompt you for the ME install CD.

BSOD is most likely a driver issue, ACPI. Are you upgrading from within Windows? or are you fresh booting from the CD to install?

Dump BIOS Extended Settings(CMOS)
The CMOS Clear method is differs depending on model and mfg. Look in the manual for the method to use.

Hardboot. RUN a disk partioning program and see what partions are on the HDD.

Either delete all Partions with FDISK, NTFS is seen as Non-DOS, I believe. OR RUN a Disk Prep Tool and wipe the drive.

Think about WDM and visit:

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Check the memory

by damian205 In reply to I am having problems upgr ...

I have experienced this problem with upgrades to Win2K and XP. Both times the problem was the memory. It seems that because OS's loads so much into RAM if any of the memory is even a little bit dodgy then the installation will fail.

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Upgrade to XP

by davoud In reply to I am having problems upgr ...


If you are upgrading to XP Pro, I would recommend visiting the following pages and downloading the microsoft upgrade advisor:

then you will know that if your computer can be upgraded to XP pro or not.

take care

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ME to XP on Sony VAIO

by ztdaniels In reply to I am having problems upgr ...

I suggest you visit the Sony web site. Your model came with several drivers specific to Sony and if you give them the model No. and that you want to up-grade to XP, they will give you the drivers, and programs compatible. They will even give step-by-step instructions for the conversion. good luck

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Great Tip to call sony

by Ocean1 In reply to ME to XP on Sony VAIO

But, you can also try to nook your machine. i work with financial data and whenever we need to change anything in the systems we dont upgrade we just save the files nook the machine and set it up with a clean version of the os. it has worked for me in all brands of machines including sony. go online and look for BOOT AND NOOK youll love it.

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