I am looking for a download manager for my application

By larrylevy ·
I am looking for a download manager similar to Norton or ACT! that will download a small executable and then download the rest of my application. My app is 100MB large. Any ideas? Checkout Click on Start Now button. No info is required.

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Why a download manager?

by seanferd In reply to I am looking for a downlo ...

Overall, I think these things are horrible, and I go out of my way to avoid them (e.g., Adobe's DM for Flash Player, etc.).

Maybe you have a really good reason, but they are just one more point of vulnerability, one more thing to break, and one more puzzling piece of junk installed on a system.

When I download a file to install, I want the installation files, not a network installer or DM. It is the kind of thing that annoys many people and confuses others.

I would suggest that you try to control the downloads in whatever manner you need from the server side.

But, if you really want to go that way, I would look at free or paid commercial use application installers, like Inno Setup. There seem to be quite a few that are free, even for commercial use. Some must have a DM option, or an option provided by another party (e.g., people write other tools which work with Inno setup).

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by larrylevy In reply to Why a download manager?

Thanks Seanferd. I tend to agree with you. Our reasoning is one of perception/marketing. If someone has to sit for a long period on a DSL Lite or so connection they may be more inclined to cancel the download more so than if they download a manager and then "see" some sort of progress. Something like that at any rate.

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Don't like

by TobiF In reply to Download

I downloaded some printer software to my DSL-connected computer, in order to install it on 3 different computers. One of these uses (metered) mobile internet. Guess if I was happy when this "app" turned out to be a downloader and first thing went for another 60 Megabytes. On each computer.

And, when this downloader fails, you have no control over things.

(By the way, I can't understand how a printer driver can be that huge, but that's another topic...)

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by seanferd In reply to Download

Well, most download clients, whether part of a browser or a standalone client download manager <i>do</i> show progress unless people choose not to see the progress indicator. So they will likely hide/dismiss yours as well, and if they can not, that will annoy them also. Those who normally allow a download progress bar to display will see the progress anyway.

Nevertheless, checking with the installation packagers should net you one with a DM option. You can check, as noted, with Inno Setup and the add-ons provided for it. You could use the same DM which Adobe uses* - I don't recall the name off hand, but try updating Flash Player and find out. Same goes for anything you may normally find which comes with a DM - most are third-party, and you can license them too.

Further examples where you might find something:

* they use both Akamai DM, and Adobe DLM, depending on product. is Akamai DM

I think these guys make the DLM that the Adobe DLM is based on:

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Looks like Nullsoft will do it.

by seanferd In reply to Aye.

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