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I am new ~ simple question

By wwxxhheva ·
i wanna configure my house wireless router, but i have no idea about how can i access the router's IOS.
and i wanna access privilege mode and change some
configuration to make my wireless network more safety.

any ideas will be appreciated.

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router configuration

by c-mackenzie In reply to I am new ~ simple questio ...

Normally your router will be set to a factory default of or something along those lines. Open a I.E. browser and open that IP address, you will get a log in screen that gives you access to the configuration console. NOTE: Different companies use different IP's so try things like or even better log on to the companies web site and search their knowledge base for how to configure your specific router.

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Online manual

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to I am new ~ simple questio ...

Poke around the router manufacturer's web site, usually the manual is there. It will tell you exactly how to configure the router. Also, it would be a good idea to use a cable just this once, for the configuration.

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Also you may want to check if it came witha cd

by Dumphrey In reply to Online manual

It usually has a users manual on the cd that tells you the default IP address and default admin password are for your device.

As for security WPA2 is the security option to choose. Pick a good long key (12 characters or so, and mix in numbers etc. So, l0|Vgp@3sW{)rd is fairly secure, where as longpassword, is junk.) Also, change the default admin password right away. Make sure remote (outside the lan) access to the router is disabled, and make a note of the new password, as you will not use it very often, and it can be easily forgotten (I have my fathers router password written down for those rare occasions I need to walk him through something in his router, less then 1 time a year).

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by wwxxhheva In reply to Also you may want to chec ...

thanks all the person who give ideas to me !
last night i tried to use Microsoft IE for access the configuration mode, i tpyed, there was a logon windows, i think my roommate had changed the password, so i can not login, bad luck !
is there anybody can tell me more detail about using cable to configurate the router,
i'll be very appreciate that.

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