I am not able to open Microsoft or any antivirus company site. What to do?

By tushicomeng ·
I am using Windows XP Pro.
I formatted my computer 3 weeks back.
From then on, I am not able open Microsoft site or any antivirus site.
Even my installation of Microsoft Office failed.
What can be the possible reasons and how can I retify them?

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Can you open other sites?

by TobiF In reply to I am not able to open Mic ...

If you can't open specifically AV sites, then your system is most probably infected by malware, which is trying to hide (rootkit) and protect itself.

You could try to boot your computer into safe mode, but with such a heavy intrusion in your system, I'm afraid that the malware will make sure to start even in safe mode.

Best is to create a new antivirus rescue disk (or rescue flash memory), where you boot your computer from a specially crafted cd/usb that you prepare on another, healthy computer. There are several ones available free of charge. Some examples are:

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by PurpleSkys In reply to I am not able to open Mic ...

What did you use to do the installatiion? I'm assuming you used a nice shiny legal version of windows and office? Personally, this is what I would do:

-download an antivirus program and save it to disc or to a thumb drive.

-format and reinstall your os (backing up anything you might have saved first of course)

-before connecting the computer to the internet for windows updates and whatnot, install the saved antivirus program (then you are at least protected before hitting the interent)

-then do your MS updates
-when you're done with that, download, install and run ccleaner , malwarebytes , and spybot search and destroy

Good luck =)

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One more thing on first contact with internet

by TobiF In reply to thoughts...

You have just done a fresh install of an OS and want to connect to the internet to get all pending security updates:
Make sure you don't connect directly to the public internet. Instead, have a router between your modem and the computer. This way, the routers' built in NAT firewall will protect your computer from unwanted incoming traffic until your new OS is better protected.

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