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I am thinking of implementing Open SUSE and NetWare Small Business Server

By zczc2311 ·
Yes?I am not planning on continuing my office in a Microsoft Direction due to many reasons which are not relevant on my part.

I would like to hear from others success/acceptance/disappointment/advise on anyone who can offer what technical issues they faced or problems they encountered in implementing either Linux/NetWare or SUSE/NetWare.

I am a NetWare CNE/CNI for v5 current version for SMB is 6.6 so no problems there. I have all the hardware resources I need.

I will still continue to support my few clients with Microsoft shops so you aren?t getting rid of my comments toward Microsoft and Technical Discussions.

I would appreciate the time you take in your reply to me on the about and thank you in advance

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best advice re suse..

by Jaqui In reply to I am thinking of implemen ...

download the livecd version and test functionality on several different workstations. If it works on the systems you will be installing it on then you are good to go. If not, you may need to look at using a different distribution.

I personally have never been able to look at suse, as it uses the adaptec scsi adapter by default, and my systems bios doesn't like that adapter.

I've never been really impressed with Red Hat'd version of linux either, but at least it doesn't fatally lock the system up at boot. [ just fails more often than not during install ]

The community support of Debian probably beats out the corporate support of Novell, Mandriva, Linspire* or Red Hat.

* Linspire is targeted at the end user desktop, so the basic server style install is not available.

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Thanks Jaqui

by zczc2311 In reply to best advice re suse..

To be honest I had never hear of Debian before and a quick look at the net and had a read.

The software will arrive in a few days time. Ill post the results.


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System Installed - Could not be happier

by zczc2311 In reply to best advice re suse..

I have installed SUSE Linux v 10.0 on 5 systems now. I have NO SCSI interfaces just plain old IDE and EIDE and SATA drives and HP scanners and printers and Lexmark Laser Printers.

There were no compatibility issues with the product it. It does provide SCSI adapters but not by default.

Every PC ? all with different Brands and Video cards was detected and the graphics are better than Microsoft?s Graphics and I was using the ATI MS drivers.

I could not be happier. Although I MUST warn you - during installation only choose the KDE desktop. The Gnome desktop is useless.

You will need to be aware that Novell will offer NO support nor be of any help - This is not a difficult transition - you can even have trasnparent Windows if you want just like Vista.

With Data conversion now in progress ? which is snap easy and over 1,000 application I have not needed to purchase nor install anything else to serve the office needs.

Novell has done a fine job with the product, however the only criticism is the Help is aimed at an educated audience. I have made a request for functional change for another help module to convert Microsoft Terminology to application specific terminology so one day mum and dad can use help with ease with the more technical parts of the product.

The support is respectful and helpful and they just don?t delete support request emails they don?t want to answer.

Difficult support questions are not difficult as the staff are people who seem to know about PC hardware and application software and every question has been answered without referral to second level support ? which is always the case for my Microsoft queries.

The support staff really knows information rather than just looking up the KB and repeating it back to you.

I farewell Microsoft with absolute pleasure and look forward to further enhancements in open source and I get out of having to make a decision on Windows Vista, all 7 versions, without cost nor consideration nor bugs.

Thank you for your interest in your message back to me.

Kind regards.

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