i am using windows vista ultimate version on eee pc

By khimani ·
i am using windows vista ultimate on my eee pc (asus). I have the biggest problem, i am not able to see the task bar(bar with start tab), nor i can see the min,max,close tabs. i am unable to see some of the content of the page on my right side. can any body help me.

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by Shaste In reply to i am using windows vista ...

Your screens native resolution and the resolution it is currently set at.

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by NexS In reply to Check..

Right-click the desktop and choose display properties, then follow the link to change resolution.

You should start with a small resolution (800x600) to make sure the problem is actually resolution.

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Is this working in an acceptable manner?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to i am using windows vista ...

According to ASUS this unit can not run Vista let alone multitask.

So how well is it running and how long does it take to load here? These units have very little in the way of resources and where never designed to run anything more than a Cut down version of XP Home or a Special version of Linux.

You may have to move the Mouse Pointer off the bottom of the page and just wait for it to reposition to show the Task Bar and so on. This is quite common on NB's when you have the screen resolution set higher than the screen can support.


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just an FYI in case you or someone you know is interested

by Sue T In reply to Is this working in an acc ...

I am running Windows 7 Pro on my EEE PC HE1000 and MS Office 2010. The only change I made was to increase the memory to 2gb. I have no issues. No it is not the fastest computer on the block, but it also is not the slowest. I do this because I travel around a school district and this is easier to carry with me. I have even used it as the source computer for a hard drive image and connected to it over the network.

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Might try to bring the Start Menu up via keyboard

Press the left "Windows Key" or alternatively
hold down left ALT key and press S, then you can right click with navigation pad on a spot without shortcut, look at Properties, and make sure the taskbar is not automatically hidden.
To get the app window back, if you can see the top border, double left click on any blank spot of the border with the cursor to non-maximize the app window.
Or you might can "tile" all open app windows by holding down ALT and pressing W then C.

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there should be a button

by Sue T In reply to i am using windows vista ...

along the top of the keyboard, one of the F keys that will change the resolution when you press it while holding down the fn key. On my he1000 it is the F4 key. you could try doing that and see if that helps.Also, did you try updating the driver?

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