I am writing a program in c and I have a problem with a structure

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Basically, the structure is public, however when I try to store information in it in one function and then use it in a diferent function, it just gives 0. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Here is the structure and the two functions that I want to use it:

struct equation {
int maxpower;
float numerators[128];
struct equation EQN;

void enter_filename(void)
printf("Please enter the name of the file:");


int readEquation(struct equation EQN)

FILE *equationfile;
int count;

/* Opening the file and printing ERROR! if it has not opened properly */

equationfile=fopen(filename, "r");
if (equationfile==0) {
printf("Error! File failed to open\n");

/* Reading in the integer value for the maximum power */

fscanf(equationfile, "%i", &EQN);
printf("Max power is %i\n", EQN.maxpower);

/*Reading in the numerator values and storing them in the array numerators[] */

for(count=0; count<(EQN.maxpower+1); count++) {
fscanf(equationfile, "%f", &EQN.numerators[count]);
printf("The numerators are %f\n", EQN.numerators[count]);

if (fclose(equationfile)==-1) {
printf("File failed to close\n");

return 0;


void display_polynomial(void)
char numstring[20];
int count;

printf("\nThe Equation = ");

for(count=0; count<(EQN.maxpower+1); count++) {
sprintf(numstring, "%G", EQN.numerators[count]);
if(count!=EQN.maxpower) {
printf("%sx^%i + ", numstring, (EQN.maxpower-count));
} else {
printf("%s\n", numstring);


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