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i-anythings are NFG

By ltreachler ·
i-phones, i-pads, i-anythings all suck, and here's why. The user is not in control of the power. Apple is the company that started this trend toward not being in control of the battery, and this falls directly into the hands of the battery lobby in this country. The people who can't compete fairly, so they get import restrictions on truly innovative power solutions, and we are forced to buy expensive non-rechargable garbage, or expensive rechargables with a different form factor for every device. In Japan, they have many options for powering their devices, but our (U.S.) companies don't/can't compete, so we are restricted from taking advantage of these solutions. I might buy a tablet device or such if I could also get a power solution that would last me a month or so. They're out there, just not for U.S. consumers. We have landfills that need toxifying with tech more obsolete than buggy whips.

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I have to agree and disagree.

by .Martin. In reply to i-anythings are NFG

for some users, such as the technology un-minded this is a good thing. if there is nothing for them to break (software wise), then they are a lot better off.

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