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    i badly need help


    by richard_matining ·

    i am richard, from the philippines. im inexperienced when it comes to network. im a developer and does know a bit about databases. i am task to solve the company’s network traffic but i dont have any idea where to start. i tried looking first at thesource codes of the application then the database structure and configuration, but seems to be ok. then i tried looking at their network architecture. we 250 users 8-10 servers connected to each other on a single segment. could somebody help me locate the main cause of the traffic? thank you verey much.

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      i badly need help

      by sn ·

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      You migh be better off by resolving the problem using a simple root cause analysis. You could start with some clear definition of the problem, we could then measure it, and analyze and eliminate the issues if you are interested.

      Good luck.


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        I agree w/ “User Deleted”

        by tomsal ·

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        Man that “User Deleted” guy is popular on here. 😉

        But seriously, what “SK” stated is correct. Basically we need more information – network problems (like most technology based problems) can be broad in scope so we need information to narrow it down before we can start attacking the problem.

        Even the simplest info like the NOS you are running, the network cards you are using, are you running Ethernet? Token Ring?

        Anything…is your network switched (silly question I know but you’d be surprised how large some networks are and they aren’t switched). What equipment do you use…Router? Switches?

        Finally, what EXACTLY are you plagued with – Internet traffic problems, WAN traffic (remote sites), LAN (internal network traffic)?

        More info and I’d be glad to help.

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          I agree then we need to know…

          by ndewhall ·

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          Are you using DHCP or do yo have Staic IP adresses. .. What was behind you having to do this task….Slow connections..? How many DNS and WINS servers. How are they configured.??
          First thing I would look at is the Hardware configuration. Switches, Routers…etc…

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      what is your problem exactly?

      by mert gülsoy (mgulsoy ·

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      Hello. I’m Mert From Turkiye. If you can exact tell me the problem maybe i can help you. thank you.

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      more info

      by russell ashe ·

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      If you are in a windows server network you might want to see how many WINS servers are running.

      Is there are serveral you may need to shut down or cut back the # of wins you have on your network

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      it looks something easy to solve

      by luis.abello ·

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      Hello Richard… for what I understand is that yuo having problem locally on the LAN. It?s not recomend to have more than 30 workstations on the same segment of the LAN, 250 are to much. You need to segment you Lan because the broadcast, use a switch, also a WINS server helps you to reduced broadcast on your LAN. Switches have differents collisions domain, so connect every individual server to a single port on the switch. You will see your network improved after this changes on the LAN. Now forWAN, depending what protocol you are using on the LAN, that?s how you will need to configure your router. You can contact me for more specific questions or help.
      Good look and take care!

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