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I bet my user is

By zlitocook ·
The is the last person you want to help!
I got a call from the user from the underworld. You know who I am talking about, the person who knows that the computer let him/her do this last week but will not do it this week. They were trying to save a file to a CDRW and could not do it. I checked the workstation and it has no CDRW drive so I asked her to repeat what she dose to save her files. She opened the file and made changes to it, then hit the exit box and when it asked if you want to save the file (yes/no) she selected no. I suggested saying yes and selecting a place on the network to save the file.

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I LOVE those users!

by Oz_Media In reply to I bet my user is

The easiest resolutions and usually the happiest when they have the issue resolved. The trick is not to point out their mistake but to point out that "the computer doesn't know where to save the file, they (computers) aren't THAT smart" Then show her how to FORCE the computer to do what she wanted.

She will feel like she has the upper hand on it and that the computer is the problem, not her.

Then the bill is happily paid and you are called back to answer the next dumb user...er..dumb computer, issue she has. :)

The client is ALWAYS the smart one, and YES she was right, the computer is at fault, teach her a "special trick to force the file save" and she will feel all techie and warm inside.

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A nurse

by zlitocook In reply to I LOVE those users!

Had called saying the computer was no working, so I went to the nurses station. Sure enough the the computer light was on but the screen had no picture. I replaced the monitor and was walking away and the head nurse stopped me and asked how I moved all thier files so fast! I thought about what she said for a second and it hit me they all thought the monitor was the computer and I just put a new one there. I told her it was automatic. The files move from one to the other.

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Only because

by Oz_Media In reply to A nurse

Only because of the super-duper-mega-high-speed network you've built with your bare hands of course! LOL

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by zlitocook In reply to Only because

The manager lady at that job could never understand why the users liked me! I would take the time to help them, and do it fast. She learned what she knows at the job. I have a ton of on the job training, so I can relate to alot of user problems.

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I feel sympathy

by DC_GUY In reply to I bet my user is

for that end user. I've been there, done that. I've been in IT for more than 35 years and I still do dumb stuff. The help desk people here, the help desk people at the vendors, and my own friends at work who are the designated helpers, have all fielded their share of stooopid questions from me. I appreciate the fact that we just have a good laugh about it afterward.

I'd like to see one of them incubate a parrot egg and then hand-feed the hatchling for two months, with food that is exactly the body temperature of a mother parrot, just the right quantity, and not drop the tiny thing on the floor, every four hours 24/7, without making a tragic mistake.

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Ok a new user

by zlitocook In reply to I bet my user is

request, a boss lady (she is a VP for the bank I work for). She wants to export all data for account holders and to use it to send xmas cards. Our new system is SOX complyant and will only do a few things. She is having a hissy fit, because she likes to do what the big bosses like.

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