i broke my computer

By mwaldron@2construct.com. ·
I installed a new dvd burner and while the case was open i vacumed out a lot of dust. the heatsinks in the cpu were full of dust so i removed them and cleaned them out, then put them back in.
Now when i turn my computer on I get one beep, then it shuts itself down.
No video shows on the screen

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Did you

by Jacky Howe In reply to i broke my computer

put CPU Grease Between the CPU and the Heatsink? If you didn't it is probably shutting down because it is overheating. Reseat the CPU and Video Card remembering to apply the Grease.

Edit: Clean around the CPU and the bottom of the Heatsink with a soft cloth.

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you really

by blckspder In reply to Did you

shouldn't vacuum out a pc. The plastic on vacuum can cause static electricity and you can ruin some of the components. In the future you should use a can of air or a compressor to **** the dust out. Its possible you may have shorted something out.

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If your havent tried this yet,,,

by kroseinaz In reply to i broke my computer

You might want to uninstall the DVD burner and try to start it up.

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