I built a new computer and it keeps freezing. why?

By zack247 ·
every time it gets started up the computer freezes shortly after. sometimes it doesn't even load the icons in the taskbar.
the only problems with it i could think of would be the ram timings or the 145w PSU i have been meaning to replace. the specs are:

-QDI Platinix 2D motherboard
-D-Link Air Plus G DWL-G510 pci wireless card
-intel celeron 2.4GHz cpu
-Powercolor ATI radeon HD 2400 pro pci graphics card (256mb)
-*1 stick of kingston KVR256mb ram
-*1 stick of hynix 333mhz 256mb ram
-Quantum fireball lct 20gb IDE hard drive
-*145w PSU
-Windows XP home edition

*denotes the suspected problems.

so what might be wrong with it? i had changed out the cpu but it had been freezing before...

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145 watt PSU won't even power an 80286 properly . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to I built a new computer an ...

most of those systems 80286 - 80486 shipped with at least a 200w - 250w PSU

my 3 Celeron-II's (433, 500, 600MHz),
- P3s (667, 866, 997MHz),
- P4s (2.0, 3.2GHz) all have at least a 300w PSU
with the faster P4 HT units having a 350w PSU

I'm surprised it even starts on a 145w PSU

about the RAM
a lot of systems can be a bit snooty about mixed modules (even "matching" ones from different Mfg. can be troublesome)

if you don't have a copy get MemTest from MS

also 512MB is not enough to run XP properly
and it will hit the page file almost constantly
as the HDD will be constantly active that causes more power draw on the PSU

if you can't install more than 512MB
that system would be better suited to win9x or win2K

final notes:
- are you attempting to OC the system?
OC requires more power than running at normal clock speeds

have you checked the HDD for bad sectors or bad cabling?


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by seanferd In reply to 145 watt PSU won't even p ...

And the RAM can be a problem even if the speeds and timings are the same. But the RAM settings in BIOS (if present) may be worth a look.

Minimum power requirement for the card is 400W!

Further, are you sure all other the components are compatible with the motherboard (bus speeds, etc.) and the OS?

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Replace power supply and RAM

I would use at least a 250 watt power
supply (just replaced one on this old
Pentium 166 which is booted to plain DOS,
yes, you heard correctly, DOS! I've got it
dialed in to my dialup ISP, using Arachne
to browse the web!)
as well as use 1 gig RAM if possible, 2
gig would be better. Might also go for
larger hard drive, but for now 20 gig
should be enough as long as you aren't
downloading a lot of pictures.

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