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I can not access a particular website

By todda ·
I can't access a particular website from my home computer. I can take my computer to a friends house and I can get to the site just fine. Is this website blocking my router/modem?

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Try these steps

by Why Me Worry? In reply to I can not access a partic ...

1. Start-Run type cmd and press enter
2. At the command prompt try to ping the website URL (e.g. Ping www.yahoo.com)

3. If the ping replies with a public IP address for that website, then DNS is working OK

4. If it responds with a timeout, then your DNS isn't working, which would explain why you cannot access that website

How are you accessing the internet? dialup or broadband?

Are you using a router and if so, is your router properly performing network address translation or assigning your PC a DHCP address on the private network (Usually 192.168.0.x on most home routers)?

go to http://www.whatmyipaddress.com to see if you are getting a public IP address

if you are not getting a public IP address, then you are somehow not connecting properly to your ISP

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Already have

by todda In reply to Try these steps

Like I said in the post, what is weird, I can take my computer to a friends house it get to the site just fine. If I bring it back home dosen't work?

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