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    I can not browse from Public Ip


    by cbelangovan ·

    I have Windows 2003 Standard Edtion and promoted as a web server. the Local lan ip I can browse web page in my local network using but cannot in public ip.

    I have static public ip I m using VoIp router for NAT, I cannot browse the web server from other machine. Even if i browse from Web server i get my router screen.

    What could be the problem.

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      by cbelangovan ·

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      you must port forwar..

      by jmil ·

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      you must forward port tcp 80 from your router
      Sometimes this port is reserved for router interface so you must forward port for ex tcp 81 to internal ip port 80.

      in this case the others can reach your from outside like this

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      The IP bloking is your problem

      by mhbuzios ·

      In reply to I can not browse from Public Ip

      I have the same problem? I will tell you when I get the solution 🙂
      you got this : HTTP Error 403.6 – Forbidden: IP address of the client has been rejected.
      Internet Information Services (IIS), the only way to access is by putting the public IP you have (the computer you are trying to access- public IP) on your IIS security IP allowed.

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