i can not get a dhcp from my sbs2003 server

By chrisjenson1978 ·
help plz!!!!!
i have a sbs2003 server with 2x nic cards 1 is to the adsl router other is for the network i have a wirless access point and for the life off god i can not get a auto ip only if i set it manual i did i ipconfig /all and i noticed that dhcp enabled said no? but strange thing is in administrator settings list there is no dhcp tab but i am shore there was before i know i must turn it on but how? i have also restarted dhcp in the services too and still no joy "lastley i have the router set to manual ip not dhcp and the wirless access point set to manual or does the access point need to be set to get dhcp from server? help plz regards chris

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Just to clarify

by robo_dev In reply to i can not get a dhcp from ...

an AP is a mac-layer bridge, so it's IP settings are completely irrelevant to your problem.

If that WLAN device is really a router and not an AP, that's a different story..

When you say 'cannot get a DHCP' you mean that a wireless workstation cannot get an address?

What is the DHCP server in your network? Is your router the DHCP server or the SBS server?

You say you 'set the router to manual IP' mean the WAN side of the router, correct? IF so, that does not matter....

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Authorized in AD

by bincarnato In reply to i can not get a dhcp from ...

Have you authorized the DHCP server? Is there any listing in Computer Management for DHCP? Anything in the event logs?

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