I can not get my friends comp to boot from the CD Rom drive.

By ReBornInSoCal ·
I am in the process of fixing a very slow bogged down Dell G series computer. I thought it would be a simple format the C: drive and re-install WinXP type job, but it's turned out to be a bit more complicated. It refuses to boot from the CD drive, I've tried 3 different discs WinXP Home, WinXP Pro, and Knoppix and it won't boot from any of them. I tried changing the boot order in Bios and when that didn't work I tried manually telling the system to boot from CD via F12, I also made sure that the CD Rom drive is plugged into a primary slot not a secondary, I even checked to make sure that the cables and ports are clean and securely connected but it still refuses to boot from a CD. It seems to start the drive lights come on but I don't hear the disc spin and after a few seconds it pops up the message "Boot failed press F1 to retry or F2 to enter Setup" . I would really appreciate any suggestions.

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Just a guess but

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I can not get my friends ...

Have you tested the Drive with a CD to see if it actually works?

Quite often people leave disc's in the drive and that causes the LED's that generate the Laser Beams to loose Intensity and no longer read that Disc Type. AS there are 2 Different Color LED's in a DVD Drive you need to test with the Disc Type you intend to use.


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have you checked the BIOS settings to see if it's set to allow boot from CD

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I can not get my friends ...

if the boot from CD capability is turned off in the BIOS itself the F12 option will not override it. Other than that, it may be a faulty CD drive.

Mind you, most Dell systems have a special hidden partition with the origi9nal OS image stored on it and that can be used to re-image the drive by using the Dell Rebuild option during start up, unless it's one of the system where you're supposed to make the image yourself after purchase and that wasn't done.

edit to add - check you're using a CD in a CD drive or a DVD drive and NOT a DVD in a CD drive.


another option may be to get a bootable USB with an OS and try booting from that if the BIOS is set to allow it.

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DELL CD problem.

by Ric_Shanahan In reply to I can not get my friends ...

Hi. If you already did a reformat the hidden partition may have been lost. If the partition is still there then you might try the "Reset defaults" method http://www.ehow.com/how_8264282_reset-dell-laptop-default-settings.html There is a key sequence something like <Ctrl> <Alt> E that does a reset as well. If you get a DELL logo screen then <Ctrl> F11 should help. Good luck!

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DELL CD problem...

by Ric_Shanahan In reply to I can not get my friends ...

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