I can not understand

By elenaholmes ·
I want to change my hardware : MODEL: ZyXEL Prestige 792H ( gateway router wired ) to
MODEL: Netgear DGFV338. However when I connect my Netgear to dsl telephone line, it does not have connection, however when I use ZyXel everything just fine. where is the problem? and any solutions Thank you

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by CG IT In reply to I can not understand

if you ISP provided your ZyXEL gateway, then its setup to use your ISP line. The netgear ADSL modem might not put out the correct digital signal that your ISP will recognize.

only those modems and DSL combination modem/routers that your ISP provides will put out the correct digital signal that their equipment will recognize.

Think of a DSL modem as something similar to your cable tuner box. Without the correct cable tuner box you can't see the cable TV channels. Not all cable tuner boxes will work with all cable TV providers.

Without the correct DSL modem you can't connect to your DSL line. Not all DSL modems will work with all ISP DSL providers.

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Of course that implies that the Modem was setup

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to modem

If it wasn't it is not surprising that the thing is not working as it would be like plugging in a Set Top Box and expecting it to work without turning it on.

If the Setup Routine in the Modem hasn't been followed it can not work and will stay that way until you set up the Modem and possibly the Router as well.

To setup the DLink unit read the manual that came with it either as a printed unit or more likely as a PDF File on the CD. If you do not have the CD download the manual from the Makers Web Site.


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by ozi Eagle In reply to Of course that implies th ...

Even if your modem was setup and you did a quick swap you may not get through.

You need to disconnect from the DSL line for half an hour or more to allow to MAC address of your old router to be cleared at your IPS. When you reconnect the new modem's MAC address will be recognized.


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Mine was just a simple explanation of why

by CG IT In reply to Of course that implies th ...

but your right in that it's got to be setup...still most consumer level modems/modem-routers from ISPs already are preconfigured to work. Call them up and their first question is "Do you have 3 Green Lights"... meaning power light, link/ready light and Ethernet/USB light.

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Thank you

by elenaholmes In reply to modem

Now thinking about what you mention, I agree with you. shame. I really like Netgear for VPN settings and easy setup. will go for DSL modem for that particular IPS provider which is Zyxel.

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