i can ping but no aplication can use internet

By ahmadi3d_ali ·
my system was infected and was downloading and uploading on its own! i installed all kind of anti virus and programs and finally i deleted the virus !
now when i connect to connection i can ping all sites!
but all my browsers (Opera , Chrome , fireFox , IE) give me error after trying to open a site!
also my skype and all other aplication do the same!
my internet download manager think im not connected !
i tryed giving DNS manually and i checked all options ! i tryed restarting all services and ..
i dont have restore point! so dont say restore it!
and i dont want to install another windows!
it seem that the antivirus deleted some important file that were infected! ( i used Rescue mode BitDefender )
and now there seem to be problem !
is there anyway to fix this or repair the windows? i used Microsoft Repair Windows but ... it didnt work!
i also tryed SFC\scannow but ...
and entering IP doesnt work either! (like enter the IP for google in browser not the adress )
im getting crazyyyyyyyyyy! please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!
System Properties :
Windows 7 64bit
internet network : (i use a Lan to connect to my Modem and i make a connection (Broadband) to connect the ISP!

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have you considered

by PurpleSkys In reply to i can ping but no aplicat ...

backing up your important stuff and just reloading windows?

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Reponse To Answer

by ahmadi3d_ali In reply to have you considered

as i said before i have programs and some important stuff that cant be back uped!
so i cant install another window!
please only guide me through solving my problem

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Have you tried doing a TCP/IP stack reinstall/reset?

by robo_dev In reply to i can ping but no aplicat ...

Below link is for older Windows version, but Win7 procedure is similar.

Viruses tend to corrupt registry settings and/or TCP/IP stack driver files, this process fixes all that

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Reponse To Answer

by ahmadi3d_ali In reply to Have you tried doing a TC ...

it didnt work!@
i tryed what you said but it doesnt work .. still the same issue!
maybe i should analyse the problem with some tools !!
cause it seem everything is useless and nothing fix it!
do you have any suggestion for analyse program?
thx for your comment

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Reponse To Answer

by davidfacer In reply to Have you tried doing a TC ...

I had this problem recently on another computer also infected by virii. How we fixed it was using Registry Mechanic v6.0 - a utility which finds and fixes Registry problems. Any decent Registry problem fixing software may well be able to do the same, and I believe you can download a time limited version from the Internet - if not through your machine, then do so via another. Good luck!

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