I can ping clients, but I can't ping my server

By chad ·
I have begun training toward my MCSE. In the process, I have configured my local network as such:
1. My Internet connection comes in through my cable provider. The cable modem gets its IP address dynamically, and provides Internet to my Trendnet router.

2. On the Trendnet router I have DHCP turned OFF. I set the internal IP address of the router to

3. I configured my newly installed Windows 2003 Server as a DHCP server, gave it an IP configuration as follows:

IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway

Preferred DNS:

Range of addresses: -

4. After restarting the relative hardware for old time's sake (cable modem, router, server, clients), I have the following symptoms:

A) My server can get to the Internet and can ping any address inside my network.
B) My client machines are NOT getting dynamically assigned IP addresses from the new server
C) Manually configured IP addresses for clients allow them to get access to the Internet
D) Clients canNOT ping the server, even after manual IP address configuration.
E) None of these client machines is a member of my new domain (, as instructed by Microsoft's training material). But in my experience, a DHCP server will still give out IP addresses to a machine that requests one, even if the machine is not a domain member.

5. The new server is Authorized as a DHCP server on the new domain, I have a green light.

6. Even though I now have nothing giving out IP addresses, I have manually configured every device (like 4 machines and a printer) and it all works. This doesn't solve my problem, though, b/c client machines cannot see the server, and therefore I can't join anyone to the domain. Argh!

7. Also, setting up DNS has me thoroughly confused, could this be part of the problem?

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A couple of things to adjust.

by bart777 In reply to I can ping clients, but I ...

Set your server up as the DNS server.
When you do this you will need to setup the forwarders. Use the ones that are supplied by your ISP.

Next go into your server and chage the DNS record so that it points to your server.

Also check to make sure that the DHCP scope is activated. Check the event log to see if there are problems with it.

Correct any problems you find and then set 1 of the PCs to use DHCP. If you still cannot get the PCs to see the box then you maay want to take a look at the fireall to make sure it's not blocking other DHCP traffic. Worst case put a switch in place between your firewall and the server. Plug all machines into the switch.

At that point yo should be golden.

Best of luck

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If your running a single nic configuration

by CG IT In reply to I can ping clients, but I ...

and your not running Active Directory [with associated DNS], the ip addressing for the server and clients on the network is as follows.

server address = static address on the subnet
client addresses = obtain automatically
subnet mask = [Class C default]

For the server :
default gateway = IP address of router
DNS servers = ISP DNS servers.

For the clients:

setup options in DHCP that specify the router IP address [default gateway]
and options for DNS which will be your ISP DNS server.

If your running Active Directory with DNS follow Barts advise.

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I can ping clients, but I can't ping my server

by srikant8 In reply to I can ping clients, but I ...

well first of all put your router dhcp on or set ip address given by the cable provider and change the ip on default gateway.I think its becuase of the ip address you have given on your own make some difference.After that remove the ip address given to the clients computer.
1)if the domain name is not given in network internet will still work
E)if you give domain name the client can access the server application and not required ip address in dhcp.

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DNS Crucial to AD

I thought I might add a little more detail to what Bart has mentioned. It appears that you are trying to setup AD. If so then DNS is crucial to make it work and to simplify things the DNS as well as DHCP server should be on the DC's. This link may offer some insight:

Also even before trying to setup AD you should run netdiag and dcdiag to see if there are any issues. If so they need to be addressed before instigating AD.

Also it would be helpful to the members if you would publish the DHCP scope after you have it setup.

One last note, I understand that you are well on your way to the MCSE and if you know all of this I apologize for being redundant.

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Thanks for all the help folks!

by chad In reply to I can ping clients, but I ...

Hey let me thank everyone for your assistance in this matter. I'll tell you right off you won't believe what the problem was. Well, you probably will. The new server I had installed was blocking any incoming IP traffic. Funny that. So for my LAN testing purposes I turned off the firewall and hey, my server started giving out IP addresses.

Bart... I had already installed the DNS service on my server, but it didn't seem to be working properly. Probably related to my firewall issue. Windows firewall, that is. Gets you every time.

I figured this out after I installed another server (my new production server, not test enivironment) and it was doing fine with DHCP addressing. I thought, hmmm, if this one works, and the other one doesn't, and everything is already on the same switch (you had recommended but it was already like this), then why isn't my test server working? :-)

CGIT -- Thanks, but I am running AD on this server. I checked the DHCP scope as you suggested, it was activated.

srikant -- One thing I haven't done is to get the DNS server information from my cable provider. At this time I was hoping to set up a domain internally that did not need the Internet. Along the way I figured this would be lame in the long run for the sake of updates, etc. So, thanks for the info there, I'll contact my cable provider and get the DNS information.

Michael -- Thanks for the link. And please, no apologies, each of us should committed to lifetime learning (or maybe at least committed...LOL). Your feedback has and will help me in this process. I need to learn more about DNS and how it works inside my local Domain on the new domain controller that I have up and running. Any advice provided by other techs is something that I value. Thank you.

Thanks everyone for giving back to the community!

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