I can ping the router but router can't ping my pc

By superkingkong ·

I've just got a Cisco 2620XM router to play around.
I'm trying to connect my PC to a Cisco 2620XM router via a UTP cable.
Earlier, my PC and the router were connected to the same switch using straight cable.
My PC IP address is / / Gateway:
My router FE0/0 is /

My Cisco 2950 switch Ip address is /

From my PC. i can ping my router and the switch
From my router, i can ping the switch but I can't ping my PC (

So, i used a cross cable to connect my PC to the router FE int directly.

same thing, my PC is able to ping the router but router can't ping the pc.

Do you know what is the problem?

Actually i'm trying to upgrade the IOS on the router via TFTP method, but the problem is, my router can't find my PC.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Firewall on PC

by Churdoo In reply to I can ping the router but ...

You didn't indicate what OS is on your PC but check and make sure there's no firewall enabled or make sure appropriate exceptions are enabled.

All of your devices are in the same subnet, so it's not an improper default gateway, which is why U'm suggesting firewall.

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Thank You

by superkingkong In reply to Firewall on PC

Sorry, I'm using Windows XP. I didn't know that the firewall in XP can block all those stuff.

I'm using wireless for my normal internet access (linksys wifi router), and wired connection for my routers and switches.

After i disabled the firewall for the wired lan connection, my router are able to ping my PC.

Thanks :)

sometimes it's just a simple problem but i think too much

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by eltonpiko In reply to I can ping the router but ...

if you have any anti-virus software blocking any incoming connection and is your pc gateway same as the gateway of your router .is your router acting as dhcp server for all the device connected to it or you using manual assigned ip for the router, pc and switch?and do you have any dns setting on the router?

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