i can ping the server and remote desktop is fine but can't connect server

By dwinz ·
i have installed a HR Software in windows 2003 server, the software works fine in the server but when i run the software in the client computers i cannot connect to server,the error is "server not found" i can ping the server and remote desktop is fine.

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win server2003

by eltonpiko In reply to i can ping the server and ...

before you install the software could you ping the server from client?and i suppose your running active directory on the server and added the client pc in there right.are you using automatic ip or manually assign ip?and make sure that your dns is the ip address of your server and gateway is the ip address of what ever your using to connect the two together such as a router.and if all is working right you should be able to ping the server by its dns meaning the name you give to the server via the client pc.

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your first line of contact should be the makers of that HR software

by TG2 In reply to i can ping the server and ...

Don't take this the wrong way, but your first line of contact should be that software's maker!

Recently ran across something similar in a customers' office I do work for. The problem turned out that the customer left their OLD server ip address in the hosts file and so when the software started, it was looking at the right server via mapped drive, but to do the rest of the processing, the software wanted to go by server name, and thus gets the wrong ip.

SO, Contacting the software maker, the error I was getting clued them in, directly, to what the problem had to be, the trouble shooting to easily see what the local copy wanted and saw... and led to me finding the errant entry.

But it all started with calling that software maker, because everything else LOOKED fine, pings were ok, I could map drives, get access to network shares, *everything* except this one package.

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Windows Firewall

by marra_kech In reply to i can ping the server and ...

Just to rule out everything, make sure the firewall is disabled.

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