I Cannot Access Control Panel Of Deep Freeze [Help]

By alone.m ·
Hey everyone,

I installed Deep Freeze Standard last week on a laptop, everything went fine but the day after i saw a file called Persi0 and 2 other txt files in my 'C:\' directory I didnt know what they are and deleted 'em (using Unlocker) and then restarted the computer in frozen state.

Now my computer boots frozen on both C & D drive and there is no Persi0 in my C + the Deep freeze tray-icon is gone so i cannot access the control panel to make it Thawed, im really stucked here ... tried to copy the persi0 from another computer which is in thawed mode but that didnt help and when i try to open the login panel from (C:\Program Files\Faronics\Deep Freeze\Install C-0\_$Df\FrzState2k.exe) it says Its "Unable to load Deep Freeze configuration. Login Program will not be available."

I am 90% sure that removing Persi0 caused all these problems and my computer keeps booting frozen and sadly there is nothing i can do.

One more thing you should know is that the laptop's monitor is dead and i am using (Team Viewer) a remote control prog to use that laptop.
it has Windows XP SP3 installed.

is there anyway of opening the login panel ? i have the password and everything... just removed the persi0 and it happend.

Please help.


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You removed an necessary Deep Freeze File here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I Cannot Access Control P ...

This file is Unique to your system and is built specially for your system when you install the software.

The only solution if you need Data off this drive is to pack it up and send it to a Professional Data Recovery House. If you don't need any Data off the HDD just wipe the Drive with kill Disc available free here


And reload your system from the Recovery Disc.

As the On Board Monitor is broken you can plug in an external Monitor tot he NB and use that to see what you are doing. You however may be required to use a Key Combination to switch screens depending on your Make & Model Note Book.


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A little knowledge is a very dangerous thing ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I Cannot Access Control P ...

Just because YOU didn't know what the file was for didn't mean the computer wasn't using it.

A salutory lesson if ever there was one. Mark it up to experience - you won't do that again.

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DF Support

by alone.m In reply to I Cannot Access Control P ...

Well you are right I shouldn't have done that and never will ... lol

I contacted DF support and they sent me a Deep Freeze Killing file so all i need now is an external monitor to run this file and get over this.

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Cannot Access Control Panel Of Deep Freeze

by kaislavie In reply to I Cannot Access Control P ...

in order to delete deepfreeze:
1- press (ctrl-alt-delete) all at once
or right click on the taskbabr and select
task manager.
2- after the task manager windows opens up click on processes.
3- look for Frzstate2k.exe then right click on it then click on end process tree
4- also look for DFserv.exe right click then click on end process tree
5- now go to my computer and click on it, select the c: driver then click on program files
6- look for this file Faronics and delete it

incase you were unable to delete the file open the file and subfiles and star deleting as fallow (DFServ, _$Df,InstallC-0, Deep Freeze, Faronics)
7- problem solved

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You are not only late to the party

by santeewelding In reply to Cannot Access Control Pan ...

You are late to being.

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