I cannot change the background in the desktop in windows 7 starter

By Ghawas ·
I have bought new MSI laptop and it have windows 7 starter, but i cannot change the background in the desktop and also there are many option missings please help me to fix this. thanks

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read review on windows 7 starter here

by PurpleSkys In reply to I cannot change the backg ... it sounds like you're stuck with what you have unless you want to purchase another version of windows 7. The starter version doesn't have many options (including the fact that you can not change the desktop backgroud). Also, is this a full sized laptop or a netbook? Everything I've read points to windows 7 starter being the win 7 version for most netbooks.

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Purple is right here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I cannot change the backg ...

The 7 Starter Edition is a Bare Bones version of 7 and things like this can not be changed.

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how to change the back ground in window 7

by technocrat25 In reply to I cannot change the backg ...

1. Right click on a empty space on the desktop and click on Personalize. (See screenshot below)
2. Click on the Desktop Background link at the bottom of the window. (See screenshot below)
NOTE: The name in gray under Desktop Background is the current desktop background file name.
3. Select a Picture Location -
A) Click on the drop down arrow menu to select from the list of available picture folder locations, or click on the Browse button to navigate to the picture folder location. (See screenshot below step 7)
NOTE: To use another regional wallpaper, see the yellow TIP box at the top of the tutorial.
B) Select the picture folder and click on Select Folder.
4. Select a Desktop Background -
A) Right click on an available picture, or click (check) on the box in the upper left corner of the picture, to select it. (See screenshot below step 7)
NOTE: You can continue to right click on the images to see it previewed on your desktop until you decide which one you like best.
5. Select the Picture Position -
A) Click on the drop down arrow menu, and click on the picture position you want for the desktop background. (See bottom of screenshot below step 7)
6. For a Desktop SlideShow -
A) For how, see: How to Create a Desktop Slideshow in Windows 7
7. Click on OK to apply the changes. (See screenshot below)
8. Close the Personalize window whendone.

For More Information and help about window 7 <a href="">click here</a>

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by PurpleSkys In reply to how to change the back gr ...

read the link i've posted...that's not an option for windows 7 starter

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PLAGIARISM ALERT !!!! .... [Edited] ..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to how to change the back gr ...

Lifted straight from a graphical instruction page, by copying each of the accompanying captions:

Moreover! Directly above the stolen captions, lies this:
The Windows 7 Starter edition does not include the Personalization features such as the change desktop background option.

This is becoming tedious ~not to mention DANGEROUS for TechRepublic~ because any fool looking for answers on Google will see the plagiarism for themselves and it won't take long for the word to get round!

This has GOT to stop!!

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Desktop Background - Change in Windows 7 Starter

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to I cannot change the backg ...

How to Change the Desktop Background in Windows 7 Starter Edition

All the info you want and more here:

Have fun. :)

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third party software?

by PurpleSkys In reply to Desktop Background - Chan ...

cool...i may have to check that out for the fun of it :) thanks PT, now i've got another options for folks that ask

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