I cannot download anything after windows update

By pinkdiamondgail ·
I have windows vista and after every update I cannot download anything. it starts to download and then after 10 seconds it stops and when I try to open the download there is a green box within a white box and it won't open and it is nowhere to be found on my computer.

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This sounds like some kind of Software Conflict

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I cannot download anythin ...

So what is installed on this computer?

Also does a System Restore to a previous time cure this?


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Is it IE?

by BizIntelligence In reply to I cannot download anythin ...

if it is IE then try other browse and see if it happens with them or not...

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Not just IE

by pinkdiamondgail In reply to Is it IE?

This happens on every browser, mozilla and IE. But I can download anything on Google Chrome.

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OK try this

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I cannot download anythin ...

As you can use Chrome to download things go to these sites and get a copy of the following.

Malware Bytes

Lavasoft Adaware

Spy Bot S&amp 1.6.2

Install and update as necessary and then restart the system in Safe Mode by pressing and holding down the F8 Key between the POST Screen and the Windows Logo. When you see the White on Black screen use the Arrow Keys to navigate to Safe Mode and then press Enter. When the system starts you'll be informed that you are in Safe Mode and open your AV Product whatever that is and run it then open CCleaner run that, then Adaware and run that in a Full Scan.

When it completes remove anything that it shows and rerun the application till it is either clean or you are unable to remove something. Then repeat the process with SpyBot and continue running Spy Bot till the System is clean or you are unable to remove something.

Repeat the process again with Malware Bytes and then post back if there is something that you can not remove with it's name.

Using those 3 products in addition to your AV Scanner and CCleaner give you the best opportunity to clean out any infections that the system may have. As there is no Silver Bullet with Malware you need a Multi pronged approach and you need to scan in Safe Mode to have a fighting chance of being able to remove all the infections. However CCleaner isn't a Malware Remover it's more to clean up temp folders in Windows to clear space with unused files.


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In the process

by pinkdiamondgail In reply to OK try this

I was able to download the maleware but the spybot and the other program would not allow to to download, when I try to download spybot it says it cannot find server. And when I try to download avg it says basically the same thing? But I am still trying.

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