i cannot find a particular wireless signal in my list of networks available

By funcool79 ·
I am running sa 3 or 4 year old sony vaio with windows xp. I have a new line installed in the house with a WPA2 and I cannot see it on this laptop. all the other computers in the house recognise it. can anyone help me please. I have checked to ensure i have the correct updates for xp and microsoft tell me i do.

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broadcasting SSID?

by netwrk_admn In reply to i cannot find a particula ...

wireless access points can be set up to broadcast or mask their network name. Make sure your WAP is advertising the SSID.

If you are certain it is advertisting, or would like to check the VAIO for issues, check if you can see other WAPs in your neighborhood/city.

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Wireless network

by funcool79 In reply to broadcasting SSID?

My wireless network is broardcastinh and NOT masked, as the other computers in the house see it on their "available networks" list. Seems my vaio just cannot see the signal for some reason.

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Channel setting / hardware switch

by netwrk_admn In reply to Wireless network

First - and this would be far fetched, but is the VAIO listening on only one channel?? Access points can broadcast on any number of 13 or so channels. Default is 6.

Also, there may be a hardware switch on the VAIO that makes the radio turned off - you may need to toggle the switch to activate your wireless receiver.

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might consider visiting Sony's help and support site

by CG IT In reply to Wireless network

and read their FAQ for your model.

just a thought.

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by Leonardo_C In reply to i cannot find a particula ...

Does the Vaio support 802.11g or is it only b?
For that matter, WPA2 is relatively new and you'll need to ensure that the Vaio drivers support it in the 1st place (ot you'll need to drop to WPA).

I'm operating under the assumption that the router you have installed is a g. If it's an n router, you'll need another card for it.

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Is Windows the Wireless Manager

by jamielvaughn In reply to i cannot find a particula ...

Is Windows Wireless Managing your wireless connections or does your Sony have some other program that helps?

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