I cannot get video in any configuration

By DrNick72 ·
I offered to clean up a pc for a good friend of my daughter. Here is what I have done prior to problem. I opened up the case and dusted (potatoes could have been grown in there). After I ran out of canned air, I used rubbing alcohol on a rag on the bottom of the case to try to remove the remaining dust bunnies. I sorted and looped her psu leads as they were hanging and blocking the cpu fan. I started up the pc, entered BIOS to check her settings and first thing I noticed was no HDD shown. I powered down and saw that I hadn't connected the power lead to the HDD. I started it back up and no video. Here are my attempts since that has happened. First I will note that the gpu is a PCI GeForce 3 (I think it's a 3). I made sure it was well seated. I tried a different pci slot. I then pulled the AGP from my daughter's pc hoping it may auto detect it and give me video. I tried her onboard as well, hoping again for auto detection. I dowloaded the manual on her board and found the correct jumpers to reset the BIOS and then tried the onboard again. I also tried a pci video card that I have and still nothing. The pc sounds like it is booting up. HDD is spinning up and humming as if it is working. There is no speaker in the machine so I can't address any beeps questions. Her pc is a emachines T2798. I have also tried switching out the ram and using 1 stick at a time. I'm rather confused and now this problem is on my shoulders. I simply wanted to clean it up for her so it could run well. She claimed after using my daughters 800Mhz P3 that she wished hers was that fast. Her Celeron 2.7Ghz is apparently that full of spyware, malware and who knows what else.
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Well I suppose the obvious is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I cannot get video in any ...

Have you disconnected the HDD again and see if you get Video now?

I suppose it could be a failing Power Supply that is not producing the correct Voltages or Current on the 3 different Power Rails.

if the unit produces Video without the HDD connected the PS is on it's way out not a uncommon thing with E Machines systems.


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Silly question

by sportguy In reply to I cannot get video in any ...

Silly question for you. Have you remembered to connect the little yellow and black power connector to the motherboard?

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On-board video adapter?

by oldbaritone In reply to I cannot get video in any ...

Many motherboards have a built-in video adapter. Is the default adapter in BIOS using the on-board video? If she has only one monitor, you might want to disable the on-board motherboard video adapter if there is one, or at least be sure that the GeForce is set as the primary adapter.

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