I Cannot grand administrative rights to new users in w2k3 Domain

By malikgenius ·
Hi there ! i am system administrator in a firm i installed new domain controller and migrated all the users from old one just via exchange migration tool, my domain is w2k3 standard server and Exchange 2003 enterprise edition is installed on it. first time when i made my user account and given admin rights its working but afterwords when ever i try to grand any one its showing that a person is admin but when i check on XP client or Vista its a normal user which can't install anything cant do much .. Please advise ....

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Administrative rights...

by Anthony M In reply to I Cannot grand administra ...

Were the users local administrators before the migration?

Judging by your post you may need to refer to this link...

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Administrative rights are not working in DC

by malikgenius In reply to Administrative rights...

Thanks alot dear for your reply ! but i have dont all these things already with another way means by trusting domains which are belongs to different forest and i just migrate mail users from old server and that server is now formatted , new server is working fine but i had only 2 administrators before one is default administrator and another my own user they are working fine but now i when i grand any one administrative rights it shows that ok but doesnt work No errors but just they cant act like admin please help ...

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Administrative rights are ...

How about the OU move the users into the admin OU and see if this works or create a new OU and configure it as you need it to work and move the users into this OU.

Maybe there was an OU created in the other server that you missed and this is were the admin rights was coming from ????

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Administrative rights...

by Anthony M In reply to Administrative rights are ...

So all the user accounts and mailboxes have migrated successfully to the new server.

Have you checked the Users Group Membership?

Have you created a test user in the new DC and tried to grant this test user administrative rights?

Are you trying to add users to the Domain Administrators group or add users to the local client administrator group?

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so you just used Exmerge to move users?

by CG IT In reply to I Cannot grand administra ...

what about ADMT?

Exmerge is for moving user mailboxes, not user accounts.

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