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    I cannot log on to domain “domain not available”


    by jefrow ·

    I can log on with other computers and users but not this one. I have tried releasing from domain, but no go.

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      by jefrow ·

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      releasing from domain

      by snuffy09 ·

      In reply to I cannot log on to domain “domain not available”

      did you re-add it to the domain?

      can you ping the Domain controller?

      could be a small chance the users password has expired and needs reset

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        yes, re-added, can ping dc…

        by jefrow ·

        In reply to releasing from domain

        Thank you for the suggestions!

        yes, re-added, can ping dc, don’t think it is expired, because I can log in remotely.

        Here’s what the computer is set up to do. It has a batch file that runs upon login. Normally, The batch file connects to the ras via vpn, then runs the remote desktop session. It seems like it won’t run the batch file or maybe won’t vpn, but I can login as admin and run all this and connect, but the user needs it to be automated again.

        Ahhhh. I have been pulling out my hair on this for days! Hopefully the details will help here. p.s. I can give event log errors too if that helps. Thanks Again.

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          Does the user

          by ic-it ·

          In reply to yes, re-added, can ping dc…

          Have the permissions both on the files needing to run (unless set as System) and on the location connecting to/file launch folder?

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          I think so…

          by jefrow ·

          In reply to Does the user

          but not exactly sure. I got a bit lost in the group policy and active directory. Where do I look? I believe is it more likely an issue with the computer, because I can login to the server after booting into the admin acct. What should I look for in the computer. Would error logs help?

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          a little vague

          by nexs ·

          In reply to I think so…

          As I am not sure what the situation is.
          Is this PC plugged into a LAN which cannot see the Domain Controller? You speak about running scripts to connect to a VPN, so I am unsure as to which Domain Controller cannot be connected to.

          On a blind fumble, you may want to remove the PC from the domain and try to re-add it.

          P.S. you could also remove the machine from Active Directory and try to set it up in there from scratch as well.

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          Yeah sorry…

          by jefrow ·

          In reply to a little vague

          Yes, PC to 2003 server. The computer has a batch file that calls up the ras then runs a remote deskop session. The funny thing is I seemed to fix it by runing the batch file from within the administrator account. At next login, I connected up. I was shocked because I have spent an embarrassing amount of time on this. I’m not sure why that worked. Any ideas? Thank You.

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          sounds like something changed in

          by cg it ·

          In reply to Yeah sorry…

          the remote desktop security settings.

          probably have to go through RRAS and verify those settings, then verify the remote desktop settings to ensure the user has the appropriate permissions and rights to first establish a VPN connection, then login for a remote desktop session.

          However, the initial error messages seems to point to the client system rights to access the netlogon share or the inability to find a domain controller to authenticate with.

          A no domain controller was found to authenticate with means DNS queries for a DC went unanswered. That can be a DNS issue where the DNS servers contacted don’t have any information on the domain name being queried. That could be an addressing problem. An addressing problem would be in RRAS with DHCP relay agent and subnet used for remote access clients.

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          by jefrow ·

          In reply to Does the user

          Here are the error I receive at boot up in event viewer: 1054 app error windows cannot connect to the dc name… and 5719 (system error – netlogon no domain controller is available for…) and a couple of others.

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      Log on locally

      by kenone ·

      In reply to I cannot log on to domain “domain not available”

      (this computer) and rejoin the domain

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