I cannot start in ms dos mode I have a windows disc in the drive

By doctorspivey ·
I tried to install windows me on a older laptop I wiped the hard drive and tried to reinstall but I had the wrong disk so I stopped shut it off and came back later with the right disk but mow I cannot get to the same prompts I could ealier with no OS on this computer I do not know how to start in dos mode or just get the laptop to setup with this disk please help me get back to the screen where I can put the prompts I used the first time I hit escape and "tell" the computer to use the disk in the cd rom but it says it is invalid pleases help

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If this older NB has a Floppy Drive

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I cannot start in ms dos ...

Download Boot & Nuke and wipe the HDD


If it doesn't have a Floppy Drive download the Ultimate Boot CD and wipe the Drive with the wiping utility on that


Or you can use a 98, ME Boot Floppy and type in FDISK and wipe the HDD or at the very least Format the HDD then reboot chose to install CD Drivers and when you get to the DOS Prompt type in CD then Setup and the Windows Installer should start.


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by operator1 In reply to I cannot start in ms dos ...

hi,try going to bios.you will need to press del or F1 or F2 it usually sez. make sure you have boot sequence setup as 1.floppy
4.whatever else usb,network etc.
if you mess up something dont worry you can always come back to bios just dont put any passwords on it for now.make sure you save the changes before you exit.
now if you want to install 98 or me(i dont know why wou want to do that but its your choice)put floppy inside and
it should take you to the boot menus.choose "With cd-rom support".if floppy fails put the
ME or 98 cd in the drive take out floppy and restart(just press esc or ctrl+alt+del).Note that 98 or ME need FAT32 file system so "format" tool from 98 or ME wont do any good if you had ntfs drive before.maybe i dont understand the problem but why you just dont use XP cd and once you install XP you can learn much about booting process from XP good help system.
if laptop wont install professional try with home edition first.
if laptop is old disable visual themes so it will use less resources and you have 98 look(with much more underneath).Hope it will work.bye

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