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    I cannot truly clean install windows 10 how can I given fileless corruption

    by NewUserKomii ·

    I have tried everything to clean install and ferret out malware but I have ,after 3 years, find that I cannot clean install without corrupt and mal appxpackages and a whole list of registry, firewall, scheduled tasks preconfigured and it looks like whoever put me in this sync prison geared it towards remote control with valid but modified legitimate windows programs. Reverse shells, BADUSB being written to any external drives and untouchable files that brick my computer because they are the modified system files.

    I have tried sfc scan ow and get “Windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation. There is an enterprise feel to this as apps and the install during the OOBE seems to be autopilot heavy as well as several vbscripts and PowerShell scripts that preconfigure my prison OS during and after my first boot.
    I note whatever browser I use to download basic things to settle up there is a program called edge upgrade or chrome upgrade.
    I believe I am having a custom image with a heavily hacked .wim files that make upgrading or truly clean installing without virtual network adapters being deployed.
    The last thing I’d like to note is these files have ” legitimate” certificates but they have inconsistent meta data.

    Please help I am willing to pay or any kind of help or guidance to see what to do next would be a godsend. Thank you for your time

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      Re: clean install Windows 10

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to I cannot truly clean install windows 10 how can I given fileless corruption

      Use another PC to download the Window 10 install iso-file.

      Then on this PC remove this corrupted hard disk. Buy a new hard disk/SSD to install Windows on. Then with the new Windows booted, format the old hard disk to delete everything on it (install as a secondary internal disk or put it in an external enclosure). All malware is gone now.

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      The last time a client told me such a story.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to I cannot truly clean install windows 10 how can I given fileless corruption

      They had obtained their ISO from other than Microsoft. I haven’t obtained an ISO from Microsoft in years as I use the Microsoft media tool to create the bootable install media. Again, no ISO here.

      My advice is to blank the drive to get ready for a true clean install. A blank drive is easy. Remove all partitions and then boot the Microsoft created install media. Do not connect to any network (skip that step) and skip activation. That will on good hardware get a clean install ready for drivers specific to this PC. Note: We also skip any Microsoft Email login. We use the old local account system.

      Finish the install with the PC specific drivers and test. At this point if it’s broekn then it’s always been bad ram or other hardware issues.

      Now that the clean install is complete we can connect to the internet and let the OS activate.

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      Tried all of this already with other troubleshooters

      by NewUserKomii ·

      In reply to I cannot truly clean install windows 10 how can I given fileless corruption

      Somehow no matter what I do I cannot get a clean install it always seems to be preconfigured with services that I cannot edit that would otherwise allow a clean install or in place upgrade. Any new hardware SSD OR M.2 just reinstalls and syncs the same unmodifiable services that when compares to a default list does not equal the same. Many are Manual(trigger). No idea how to view or modify to correct just says invalid parameters. I appreciate the just clean install again response but that’s what everyone says. It’s not working.

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        I think you have another open discussion.

        by rproffitt ·

        In reply to Tried all of this already with other troubleshooters

        If that’s yours it appears you were adamant about getting an .ISO so you might be beyond help. Also tells me you might have an evil USB stick.

        There is a workaround for that USB stick. Instead of having the Microsoft media tool make the USB, go for a DVD since DVDs can’t harbor the BADUSB issue/code.

        Last, I have run into folk that can’t use Windows as they want to, well, control everything. We find that such folk might be too far gone to get Windows up and running. They are prime candidates for Linux.

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